Alexandra chong lulu

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What are some of your hobbies? Young women access the Internet through mobile. Badoo is the largest and most innovative dating platform in the world, and is defining the way forward for digital personal connections. We built Lulu mobile first to be where young women are spending their time and to take advantage of all the things that mobile can offer, such as location and messaging. I think we've accomplished that by and large, reviewing guys and not products," she said. Was that always a career goal for you? Once we realized that strategy worked, we scaled it across campuses in the US. Since moving to New York, I have not played as much as I'd like, and it's important for me because it allows me to be super competitive.

Alexandra chong lulu

Lulu, of course, is much different than her other endeavors -- and the buzz surrounding it is exactly what Chong wanted. It was her first experience in tech startups and she loved the energy. About Lulu Lulu is the no. More than , people sign up for a Badoo experience each day and over million messages are sent and 10 million photos are added on the Badoo platform, with users spending an average of 1. Then I made a decision when I was 19, almost 20, that I was not going to pursue a professional career in tennis. That was where she realized she "had the bones to be an entrepreneur," she said. I moved to Madrid for a year preparing for law school and later got into [the] London School of Economics to study law. Role model - business and personal? Over time I've become friends with a lot of entrepreneurs. They join Lulu in the first couple weeks of entering the college campus, and then at least 60 percent of the guys are on Lulu after we enter these communities. Since launching in the US in February , the Lulu app has been downloaded by more than 6 million young millennials and is on the phone of one in four US female university undergraduates. We just launched, and as I mentioned, our focus is to go into colleges in the U. Though Chong started building Lulu in , it was before the product actually launched. I would send half my salary to an agency here in London called Glow Labs , and with Glow Labs, we built the first prototype of Lulu. We built Lulu to fill that gap. The company has been quietly amassing the largest network of people looking for new connections across the world. What industry trends are you noticing and how do you capitalize on them? That's really working for me Initially, she wanted to move back to Jamaica and become a politician. Andrey and his team have done an outstanding job growing the product into a truly global community offering a unique local experience for its users. But she ended up getting a job with Upstream, a London-based mobile marketing firm. Badoo operates a number of white label licences for various international brands based on its flagship Badoo product, including Hot or Not, Blendr and now Lulu. We just kind of decided that we would take that product and build something simple, something very straightforward, and to grow the company that way. When the head of marketing left, I started filling in for her in addition to my day job, and I loved it. It helps you feel normal. How did you first get involved in the startup industry? That drive has been with her throughout her life.

Alexandra chong lulu

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