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You may laugh at the glove, but it worked! Over the next few days the bleeding got lighter and lighter, and I now took better care to protect hotel room sheets. Once in Seattle, I was anxious to get this done and over with before my anxiety mounted to the point where I no longer wanted to do it and left Seattle with a major case of intact penis regret. Chris is a miracle worker! History and culture The Apadravya piercing is mentioned in the Kama Sutra. He answered me with the same emotion and expression that you would have if your grandmother asked if you moved your bowels that day. He is currently working on a series of essays about his time as a zookeeper.


Then he had me undo my pants and pull them down just enough so that he could access the canvas with which he was to work. I called my sister. This typically involves the use of a surgical scrub or similar. Straight barbells are the usual jewelry for apadravya piercings. Nevertheless, it was Doug Malloy in the s who labelled the vertical glans piercing as "apadravya" and the horizontal one as "ampallang. Due to the depth of the piercing and size of the jewelry, problems with migration are a seldom occurance. I heard from a friend that it would increase sensitivity and I wanted my nipples to be at least a little more sensitive than my elbow skin. It was high time for a shower and new pants so I jumped out of bed and into the shower. However, with proper jewelry sizing and experience with using the piercing, an apadrayva can often have a positive sexual effect. Because it passes through the most sensitive part of the penis, the procedure is among the most painful of male genital piercings. A single-use marking instrument should then be used to mark the placement of the piercing. Had someone just killed a family of small animals in my bed with a shoe? This is the one I wanted—just a straight-forward, no frills barbell. Alternative Names Happydravya because the apadravya piercing is said to be highly pleasurable for both the wearer and their partner, the nickname happydravya was coined to describe it. Chris told me he was going to have me breathe in and out a few times and then ask me if I was ready. Normally it takes at least three to nine months for the piercing to fully heal. Chris wrapped my penis up in a surgical glove so that the oozing blood could pool somewhere other than my pants. The pain was incredibly minimal most of the time. The healing time of an apadravya piercing can vary greatly depending on healing rate and diligence of the aftercare. Usually one can have intercourse with a condom after about one month, with pain to the male. Instead of clamping the tissue it is held firmly and carefully in one hand and pierced with the other. So I whipped out my phone and pulled up directions to Pierced Hearts tattoo and piercing parlor in the University District. This is not a piercing to enter into lightly and the discomfort level should not be mistaken for that of a Prince Albert Piercing or Frenum Piercing. I learned that the penis bleeds a lot; I learned that Chris and Frank are delightful people; I learned that my will is stronger than my fear of needles going into my penis. He answered me with the same emotion and expression that you would have if your grandmother asked if you moved your bowels that day. He said it kind of slowly and curiously.


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  1. The healing time of an apadravya piercing can vary greatly depending on healing rate and diligence of the aftercare. Fixing an apadravya by perforating the lingam is mentioned as a peculiarity of the "southern countries.

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