Ask a spaceman

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He has a long-running podcast, also called "Ask A Spaceman. He cites the theory of Hawking radiation, or the mathematics that describes how black holes glow and fade over time, as one of the pieces of evidence for their ultimate demise. The mathematics behind white holes show that they are incredibly unstable. Why the extreme temperature? Scientists are still trying to determine how the largest black holes form. To think of it more simply, as an analogy, a bowling bowl on a trampoline would dimple the trampoline. That's what I like to highlight. And they are one possible way of generating a wormhole.

Ask a spaceman

It's the strange but true stuff. Because black holes have a lot of mass, they have a strong gravitational attraction. Sometimes this kind of wormhole is called a "white hole. What's the deal with wormholes? Yet the universe didn't begin with an explosion in space; instead, it was an explosion of space itself, Sutter says in the episode. So, where's the wormhole? The episodes will be released weekly on Wednesdays at 12 p. They are also trying to figure out the mathematics in the extreme environments that black holes represent. Or the liquid-water ocean underneath the crust of Pluto. Each episode stretches roughly 6 minutes. If you're hungry for more space content from Sutter, you can catch up on all the past episodes here. So maybe it's best to leave the wormholes and "wibbly wobbly" science of time to "Doctor Who," or one of the "Star Trek" captains. Scientists are still trying to determine how the largest black holes form. Whitle holes might evaporate or even "snuff out" a black hole altogether after forming. Sutter also responds to viewer questions in every episode. That shouldn't be a thing, and yet there it is. Sutter is a cosmologist at The Ohio State University and chief scientist at Ohio's Center of Science and Industry, and he has been running the "Ask a Spaceman" podcast online for the past three years. Paul Sutter Sutter's first episode will discuss Pluto, and from there, his weekly episodes go bigger in scope — from the Big Bang to colliding galaxies to wormholes and much more. Then, any marbles rolled nearby would fall into the dimple. Click over to learn about the weird and wonderful physics of space. Sutter responds to reader questions in every episode. That's what I like to highlight. Are wormholes a real thing, or just a staple of science fiction? Although black holes are very powerful, Sutter says that they may eventually die — just like many other things in the universe. Original article on Space. A large body in space, like a star, pulls other bodies toward it, for example.

Ask a spaceman

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