Chanhassen movies

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Were they expecting us to watch the movie with the lights on? The seats are not that comfortable, are small, and the arm rests don't move. They simply said get out and that they are not refunding me. Went to see Rogue One here today. So far so bad! I realize this movie is supposed to be darker than the others, but you can't enjoy a movie if you can't see it. Good thing it's a movie worth waiting for.

Chanhassen movies

Tickets were sold when you walked in but never taken Basically, if you go here expecting it to be like the AMC theaters you will be very disappointed. THEN, the movie itself was so dark I got a headache trying to strain my eyes to see it. I would spend the extra dollar or two and go to EP or West End. Half of the lobby was full of people waiting to get in. The seats are not that comfortable, are small, and the arm rests don't move. Finally I figured it out and bought my ticket at the concession stand because I was using cash which the automated screens apparently can't accept. I recently went to a movie at the Chanhassen cinema and have been going to movies there for years but this visit was different If you see an employee that looks like Harry Potter it's gonna go all downhill from there. They had about 20 minutes of bad local ads that ran and we finally had to go ask them to turn on movie. Maybe if they gut it out, it would be cleaner, haha. Don't go to this theater if you can possibly help it. They simply said get out and that they are not refunding me. Once we were in the theater to see a rather quiet and sad movie TFIOS , we could hear lots of sound from the theater next to us So far so bad! All in all, this wasn't a good experience. I have no idea why this theatre is getting bad reviews Do not come here. Clean, nice customer service, good movie selection. When we were buying tickets, we bought them on a computer up front. Then as I got to be in middle school and high school it was "cool" to go to the EP mall theater instead. Which is fine except I went to the left side of the counter where there are no signs about that and so I just stood there like an idiot for a couple minutes while a few staff made eye contact with me and totally ignored me. The floors of the auditorium were clean. I went to see a movie here a few weeks ago after not being at the theater in over ten years. As I was walking in, someone was asking a staff member of he the customer could turn off the overhead lights because the movie was starting. Turn up the brightness so people can actually see the movie they paid to see!

Chanhassen movies

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  1. They have all the latest shows at a little lower price. They simply said get out and that they are not refunding me.

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