Characteristics of a compulsive liar

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Mar 26, What would it be like if we all lived the life of Pinocchio and found our nose growing an inch with every lie we uttered? This diagnosis deals with people who lie about having physical or psychological disorders. Either this person is unable to admit lying even when proof of that lie is presented, or she can no longer remember what the original truth was because she has lost track of it. Here the specified disorder is the lying for psychological reasons not material ones e. PsycholoGenie Staff Last Updated: Psychotherapy has been found useful in treating pathological liars to a certain extent. This is different from psychopaths, who experience none of those reactions. In fact, these people keep telling these stories to figure out in their heads which version sounds the best. These traits are only a guide to recognizing habitual liars.

Characteristics of a compulsive liar

Professional liars are extremely sleek and cunning in the way they present their lies and they are often extremely calculative in their approach. A professional liar knows how to control such signs or signals to a great extent. The problem simply lies in the fact that they are comfortable in their act of generating lies anytime. Also, if there are external motives, they are secondary to the internal motives. The difference between borderline personality disorder and PF is that BPD patients desperately try to cope with their feeling of abandonment, mistreatment, or rejection by making empty threats of suicide or false accusations of abandonment. His defensive exterior actually buys him some time to conjure patches to cover the inconsistencies that you have been able to detect. Body Language Tip Offs A truly compulsive liar may be so adept at telling lies that it's difficult to spot. Pathological lying, accusation, and swindling: This diagnosis deals with people who lie about having physical or psychological disorders. It is triggered by psychological motives such as to enhance one's self-esteem, to overcome the guilt of being a certain way, or to fulfill a particular fantasy. These individuals do hold the capacity to recognize that they have been lying, though they may be deeply rooted in the fantasy world they have created for themselves. This can lead to an abrupt change of story when he's confronted about conflicting statements he has made. This is often unknown to such a person. They lie with ease and false stories flow from them with great conviction. Pathological liars do not feel rejected; they have high levels of self-assurance that help them lie successfully. Such people are known as pathological liars who lie to be popular or even live a separate identity. Many possible internal motives for PF pseudologia fantastica include autonomy, the need for regulation of self-esteem, repression or denial of reality, power or aggression at being able to dupe another , and wish fulfillment. Most of them will have the tendency to give different versions of the same tale to different people. Unlike those with histrionic personality, pathological liars are more verbally dramatic than sexually flamboyant. This kind of compulsive behavior is generally considered to be along the obsessive-compulsive spectrum, specifically an impulse control disorder. The person lying often spins tales designed to elicit sympathy for herself or captivate another person's attention. Therefore, being able to deal with one may be difficult, as in some cases this habit develops at a very young age. This is one of the most obvious and concrete ways to nab a mythomaniac. In doing so, she artificially, albeit temporarily, boosts her own feelings of self-worth. They might also make up lies to cover up behavior they don't want anyone to know about. Their gestures can reveal a lot about what is going on in their minds. A habitual liar offers tons of explanations when asked a question.

Characteristics of a compulsive liar

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  1. To a third person, he will say that he detests the tie he is donning and is wearing it just because his wife made him put it on. This is probably the reason people may turn into pathological liars.

  2. For instance, one may lie for personal gain, for power, for money, or simply to shirk blame. This is one form of avoiding having to answer a direct question—by expounding on aspects that have no bearing on the matter at hand.

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