Compatible signs for libra

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The mirror of relationships Tarot Card: They are so anxious to share their life that they may rush into and emotional relationship before they are ready for it. Libras, like the other air signs, are also known for their high degree of sociability and love of intellectual pursuits, music, and the arts. The most compatible signs with Libra are generally considered to be Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Their motivation is a desire to be fair. Their life lesson is to speak from the heart. Be on your best behavior. Luxury will surround a Libra, as they enjoy the finer pleasures of life. They are often indecisive, weighing and balancing, which at at its best represents justice, fairness and objectivity … yet at its worst it has to do with a difficulty making or sticking with a decision caused by ambivalence, being connected both here and there.

Compatible signs for libra

He desires a story book love affair, perfect in every way. They love going out, socializing and talking and often have a great many interests … theater, decorating, art, antiques, collecting, fashion, film, photography, etc. Negative Personality Traits of Libra A darker side of Libra may not be the first thing you spot, but it is sure to reveal itself eventually. They serve their highest potential when in a partnership. Diplomatic, Libras love justice and are naturally great mediators. Venus is about the beauty of romance, and The Sun is about invigorating life spreading warmth. Anyone who shows interest in the subject of them will immediately win them over. When in a serious relationship their romantic tendencies can become rather dominating, sometimes blinding them of reality. Be on your best behavior. A Libras favorite subject however is often themselves. They have a great need for love and frequently do not feel complete until they are settled in a permanent relationship. The balance between self and other represented by this relationship is a great learning experience for both partners. What we loathe in our partners is what we hate in ourselves. Indecisive, superficial, indulgent, hypocritical, gullible, oscillating between two extremes The Libra zodiac sign is active, easygoing, diplomatic, peace-keeping, prizes beauty and harmony, artistic, polished, charming, socially inclined and have a strong sense of justice. A Libra man will spend an enormous amount of time and energy in cultivating a relationship. This is a pairing that often starts out with a very strong, completely undeniable mutual attraction. She wants all the vices of romance … the flowers, candy, champagne, travel, etc. In love, Libras are superb listeners. Both Aquarius and Libra love socializing, talking, and being around people. Both value variety and enjoy a wide range of interests. This couple sustain one another for a long time. Ash, Cypress, and Almond Part of the body ruled by Libra: They have a tendency of being over-indulgent at times. Just because a Sun Sign match is challenging, difficult or unlikely does not mean it is impossible. Both lack the patience with one another to properly learn to get along on a long-term basis. The sun is a masculine energy and Venus a feminine, so this relationship strikes a balance between energies. Falling in love with love, the Libra born romantics will be quick to find a partner, even if they are not the perfect match.

Compatible signs for libra

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  1. Libras magic is being able to see the multiple sides of a situation. They love going out, socializing and talking and often have a great many interests … theater, decorating, art, antiques, collecting, fashion, film, photography, etc.

  2. It would be better for their partner if they were honest rather, then leading them on. Charming Libra and fiery Sagittarius can be assured that they will never be bored with one another.

  3. When it comes to love match astrology, Libras do best when matched with fellow air signs, but also get along well with complimentary fire signs. The Sun and Venus go well together.

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