Cougars in new brunswick

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Donald McAlpine, research curator and head of zoology at the New Brunswick museum, said there's never been a resident population of the big cats in the province, but various pieces of evidence of its presence have been found dating back to the early s. He said the assumption has always been that it was a wild animal, but the possibility exists that it could once have been captive. If You can supply hair samples, scat samples, paw prints or photographic evidence that there are still cougars in New Brunswick, please do so. Recent sightings as well as hair samples have shown that the cougar still calls New Brunswick its home. I, like many New Brunswickers, know that the cougar is still with us. My first encounter with a cougar was really quite simple. Since that summer I have heard many other reports of people seeing the eastern cougar.

Cougars in new brunswick

The fact that it took that many years to prove that the eastern cougar still resides here shows their great resiliency and need for privacy. In the early s fishing and lumber were the main stay of employment. I always felt afterwards that Wayne should have run for the school track team because he beat me back to the barn and I knew that I broke all existing records that night. Every creak of the barn or stomp of the horses' hooves was evidence that the cougar was coming for us. It was not until the summer of that I finally got a look at the animal that had instilled such terror in my youth. One evening I passed the barriers, heading towards St. Our companions had heard the scream as well and, needless to say, we did not sleep much that night. We had just started down the hill to I start our commando run when that big cat let out a blood curdling scream, just a short distance from our position. Barry Hatt lives in Dumfries. George and Pennfield Ridge,. I didn't sleep very soundly for the rest of the night and when I explained to my mother what I had heard the next morning she explained that I had probably heard a cougar scream. Because it was black, I thought at first that it was a Labrador Retriever, but quickly realized it was a cougar. If you have any cougar stories that you would like to share, his e-mail address is blhatt rogers. New Brunswick is home to a pair of big cat species. Two instances of alleged cougar sightings were discounted this week when genetic testing on recovered hair and scat showed both animals had been bobcats. January 14, Despite precious little proof of the species in New Brunswick there have been some interesting pieces of evidence of the big cat in the province dating back nearly years. A cougar scream is very distinctive but hard to explain. To keep the eastern cougar on the Endangered Species List ample evidence has to be supplied to show that it, is still here. It was late summer in The hair on the back of my neck stood up and a chill ran the length of my body. L'Etang is one of those small rural communities that you could easily miss if you blinked while passing through. Bev always had a large and bountiful garden and we didn't think he would miss a few peas and carrots. It was one of the most beautiful animals I have ever seen. There was a stand of apple trees that we felt we could sneak around and come up behind the house and the garden without detection. Jan 14, Natural Resources and Energy would like to have that evidence. Let us honour its desire for privacy and treat it with the respect that this noble creature deserves.

Cougars in new brunswick

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