Cuckolding experience

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I am not the jealous type. He especially likes the humiliation of seeing his wife enjoy sex with another man. Time dragged on and we thought another no show was on the cards. I am not sure what makes it so wonderful but I have continued the practice with all the men that I have been with since. It can also be about their fear of losing their woman, penis size or a lack of business success. Curious to find out more, I embarked on a mission to hear from men with first-hand experience of the rules of cuckolding.

Cuckolding experience

I stood in the corner unoticed by Hannah with my camera ready to film her. Danny and I went on and had a very erotic sexual experience while hubby watched. We sat and chatted for a while with wine flowing getting to know one another. All the time his other hand fondling me — running up under my shirt and squeezing my tits and exploring my body the way you usually do. Advertisement Advertisement I interviewed dozens of men, joined two cuckolding forums including Cuckold Forum Net, which has live chat rooms, and the sex app Whiplr. We have been married and faithful to each other for 20 years. She didn't even notice I was there and probably didn't care. We used to fuck while we talked about it. Yeah, cuckolding is pretty damn hot. I at last got my camera and started taking pictures and discovered that I actually loved watching. My current husband included. The experience was great. At some point he told my husband that he would probably not be virgin and 26 if he had met me when I was single. The husband was ordered to make us coffee and cheese toasties, but I also gave him sexual orders. Harry turned Hannah over onto all fours and started fucking her from behind. And some of them — yes — they like the conflict. She opened her mouth and gasped for air as Harry gently started penetrating her. There are special terms, too. Then on friday I watched her as she spent much more time than usual fixing up her makeup, and picking out and trying on different sexy clothes to wear. One day I told her I wanted to meet him because obviously he had good taste in women. Merry told me since we make love all the time she wants this time to be only her and Jay. What I like most is the feeling of helplessness. When I got in the house they had opened a few beers, and were dancing slowly to some music. I was amazed that as soon as Danny was finished my husband was ready and it was an amazing thing. Merry looked at me and her I gave the ok signal, they started kissing a little bit. Hannah agreed it would ease pressure and I said shout me when your ready. We went upstairs where I set up some cameras and before I knew it Hannah was kissing him.

Cuckolding experience

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  1. I at last got my camera and started taking pictures and discovered that I actually loved watching. It was a friday evening and me and Hannah shared some wine while waiting for Harry.

  2. Merry decided that since both Jay and I had driven she ride with Jay back to our house and I would have to drive myself.

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