Dating a capricorn

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Like the legendary, silent, earthy cowboy, the Capricorn man seems to prefer to be alone. The Saturn woman sometimes lives vicariously on the details of other people's romances, but she usually won't indulge herself in discussing them on the boss's time. Even when they're very small, these boys and girls will show a decided preference for home life. Even the goat's religious devotion to family ties-his own and yours-won't keep him from raising a conservative eyebrow of disapproval. Almost all goats of both sexes have sensitive skin. See who gets the promotion. Your Capricorn employee is the one you sic on the tough, suspicious Internal Revenue man. Don't defy the conventions if you want the respect of the goat. He hasn't a chance against the strategy of the smarter humans who pursue him.

Dating a capricorn

You'll get spanked when you're bad and rewarded when you're good. You can meet a Capricorn girl who was raised in a one-room shack across the railroad -tracks, or whose father works the swing shift in a coal mine, but unless she decides to reveal her background which she probably won't , you'll be convinced she comes from an old-line family, and was turned out by one of the best finishing schools. But nature rewarded them with natural beauty that needs little gilding, and they'll keep it long after the roses have faded from the cheeks of other women. You'll have to be his press agent. They look like little old ladies as children, then bloom suddenly into women who look like young girls when they're past the prime of life. The legs and knees are Capricorn's most sensual area while Taurus' is throat and neck. Although Capricorn females hate dishonesty in all forms, they're not above lying about their ages. With an eye for pedigree and perfection, they'll look around pretty carefully. He'd love to thrill the crowd on a flying trapeze. The goat will win over the ram. Frequently they'll be absorbed in making something practical. Aren't these more synonomous with the steady, reliable image of a brunette? You would think you were in somone's home instead of in the busy office of an important executive. Just because he doesn't dance a jig or roll in the grass like Leo, the lion, doesn't mean he hasn't been made deeply happy and ten feet taller. But no matter how the body is shaped, the goat will give the impression of being rooted to the spot, until he decides to move to another spot. When the goat gets through with him, he's not as suspicious and far less tough. Since many Capricorn females have sensitive skin, they don't wear much make-up. These lovers represent powerful signs of sexual activity. As one of the most serious signs of the zodiac, Capricorn is also one of the most faithful. On the flipside, Capricorn trusts Pisces to attend to its emotional needs; something that can be very difficult to allow at first. The staff calls him "Sir," salesmen call him "Mister," and you call him when there's trouble. You can forget about that original, creative fellow with the bushy sideburns and the antler tooth necklace. Powerful, famous people with status turned him into a humble, worshiping admirer. He impressed you as a man who would rather see his name written in the social register than in your diary. The odd turnabout does match the familiar image of the old man with his care-lined face beside the fresh infant of the New Year with his Ivory soap look. Let's be very truthful. Let's try that again.

Dating a capricorn

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