Demasculate definition

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A relationship with a dominant female is the most common. Moving right along, you might simply want to sex, spice, sauce up the work. Is this really a word? This is demasculating both personally, and socially as often the man loses the respect of his peers. To deprive of virility, to castrate a male person or animal.

Demasculate definition

Or, if you think of the literal meaning of emasculate, then by transference its opposite might be to put some meat into the composition. To bowdlerize The third sense of emasculate, meaning to remove the saucier or meatier bits of a literary composition by bowdlerizing it, is perhaps the most difficult to find a female equivalent for. Black men have long been emasculated in America. This was done to cease reproduction, prevent sex with white women, for entertainment and it was also a warning sign to keep other black men in check. A castrated male can still have sex, but he cannot conceive children. However, none of these is especially feminine in connotation. They were purposely separated from their families during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and today they continue to be separated from their families due to the prison industrial complex. Best not use it. Highlighting those examples, what women and all people fail to realize is that trying to fight oppression with oppression just doesn't work. So in a very real sense, there can be no possible female equivalent of emasculation, only of castration. However, we usually reserve that word for non-human animals. The PC police would be all over your case. What is the demasculate definition? You could also debauch it. Or if a man shows affection to another male that isn't his child, he must be gay. If to neuter a man is to castrate or geld him, then to neuter a woman is to spay her. If the thought that to make someone less of a man is to make him more of a woman, then a corresponding feminine equivalent may be possible. Emasculation is the removal of the genitalia of a male, both the penis and the testicles. Insert Steffans and bisexual rapper Azealia Banks who has repeatedly tossed around the word "faggot," defined by her as a "male who acts like a female. If we continue to attack each other physically, verbally, systematically and otherwise we will only add more bruises to the historical wounds and we will never be able to heal as a community and catapult ourselves into becoming the great beings that our ancestors fought for us to be. You simply cannot take away a position that nature gives. When a man is demasculated he is neutered of his masculinity either relationally, culturally, or socially. To deprive of femininity. In the average society and culture around the entire world, men are in the positions of leadership and dominance. What is demasculating or demasculation?

Demasculate definition

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