Different types of wedding flowers

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Available in a number of colors, these can be used as accents in bouquets, corsages and wedding table centerpieces. Gardenia Q Weddings Surrounded by dark green, waxy leaves, the exquisite gardenia exudes a sultry, heavy scent. Calla Lily Calla lilies represent beauty, and that is exactly what their name means in Greek. It was this intoxicating fragrance that captivated an English sea captain traveling through South Africa in , prompting him to bring home one of the native plants as a souvenir. Happy times, passion, declaration of love, memory Colors: The flowers are grown in a wide range of colors, including white and cream; pastels like pink, yellow, and peach; and vibrant hues like magenta, red, and purple. Bashfulness, happiness and determination, beauty, welcome Colors: There are more than species of air plants

Different types of wedding flowers

Roses are the most famous wedding flowers since ages. A very versatile flower, lavender is regarded To carry ranunculus is to tell your partner, in the Victorian language of flowers, "I am dazzled by your charms. Freesia Native to the eastern side of southern Africa, freesia is a fragrant funnel-shaped flower that blooms in various colors including red, yellow, purple, and pink Even a simple ranunculus boutonniere gives a romantic feel. These splendid flowers can also be combined with other species of flowers to brighten up the venue. Calla Lily Shipra Panosian Also known as the arum lily, this elegant, trumpet-shaped blossom originated in Africa and symbolizes "magnificent beauty" in the language of flowers. Marigold The marigold flower is recognized by its vibrant yellow-gold color and small-layered petals. Gardenias are lovely tucked into a bouquet or floating in a low bowl as a centerpiece, and a single gardenia makes a wonderful scented corsage or hair accessory. Gardenia Q Weddings Surrounded by dark green, waxy leaves, the exquisite gardenia exudes a sultry, heavy scent. On the other hand, a simple starry flower can also be plucked to create the most romantically arranged boutonniere. Daffodil The daffodil is a flower rich with meaning that is treasured by all parts of the world. It is one of the newest Casablanca Lily Belonging to the lily family, the Casablanca lily is distinguished by it pure white color and desirable fragrance. Whether it is bouquets, boutonniere, reception centerpieces, or any other floral arrangements, no one can deny the role of flowers. Sword fern has become a favorite ornamental foliage of florists due Israeli Ruscus The Israeli ruscus is part of the ruscus family, originating in the Western and Southern countries of Europe along with the Middle East. An all-peony arrangement is a great option but you can use it with various other accents and foliage. With a bloom size measuring 2 to 3 inches wide, they produce a variety of colors These are tiny ivory flowers that are best used as fillers with other flowers. Gloriosa Lily The gloriosa lily is a tropical flower native to Zimbabwe. Native to China, India, Tibet, and Nepal, the These big headed flowers can be used in various styles; to fill the centerpieces, for decorating the arches, using them as a garland on the table runner or using them in a cascading style on a wedding cake, all ideas guarantee a distinctive look to your event. Sword Fern Native to Northern America, sword fern is an evergreen marked by sword shaped fronds. Cymbidium Orchid Cymbidiums are one of the most popular in the orchid kingdom, favored for their beauty and versatility. Mentha Rose One of the most unique species of roses, the mentha rose is recognized by its distinctive color and shape.

Different types of wedding flowers

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  1. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Silver dollar eucalyptus trees, also known as Silver Dollar Gum, are fast-growing evergreen trees native to Australia that produce fragrant silver dollar-shaped leaves.

  2. As one of the hardier types Seeded Eucalyptus Seeded eucalyptus displays large spear-shaped leaves with an abundance of yellow-green seed-like bunches.

  3. The calla lily's distinctive form has been depicted in Art Nouveau and Art Deco works, in addition to twentieth-century photography. But despite this outward showiness, the flower acquired the Victorian meaning "bashfulness.

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