Dominos spring valley

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I usually order from work and when they come with my order, there are no napkins or utensils and they will take forever to deliver my food even though my job is literally only five minutes away. I come at I had 2 terrible encounters within a 2 week period. The Buffalo wings they gave me smelt like actual vomit! I finally went in and my order hadn't even been created. I wound up losing my appetite and threw the rest of the pizza away.

Dominos spring valley

You may as well come to my door with a ski mask and gun bc you're robbing your customers. Saturday night I was at this dominos location and felt that this location lacked professionalism. Everything was so overpriced. I had 2 terrible encounters within a 2 week period. The delivery guy took over an hour to get to my apartment. I received an alert my order was ready for pick up, got there and waited another 15min after sending your son in TWICE. I arrived at Other than that I would've given 5 stars. Never coming here again Great pizza with fast friendly service the pasta bowls are decent. The pizza was delicious and I had a pasta bowl that was very yummy. My recent order, the driver "forced" me to give her a tip by writing "thank you! He was very rude and forgot the Cinna Sticks I ordered. I was throughly disgusted! What kind of business are you people running. The first time I placed an order for pickup and thought they closed at 2 but they closed at I always use there take out service and never had any issues. The employee wanted to fight and told the customer to go outside; all of this while other customers and young children were there. We get delivery fast. I've been eating dominos for years! She refused to stop arguing and another employee had the audacity to tell the customer to stop arguing but did not tell the employee. When there was clear instructions I called to see where my food was and the worker couldn't even talk because the "manager" was screaming with an attitude in the background. The food is great. I asked for a refund and let her know I intend on calling corporate. For my time wasted I was offered a free soda and unprofessional provided with a managers and and number! They can be a little nicer. At least look like they want to help. Food is great and the service is friendly.

Dominos spring valley

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