Donzi girls

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When I show Smila the various pictures posted, she sometimes winches. Guess now Jamesbon photo's will pale in comparison to whats in there now. Ted PrestonZX , I'm happy the Harbourmaster exercises some policing of the area. I find most to be in good taste.

Donzi girls

A good rule of thumb: You will receive an email with tracking information once your item is on the way. If anyone is offended just let me know. I'm happy the Harbourmaster exercises some policing of the area. Just so everyone knows, The pics that I post belong to me and were taken by me. I am recognized on several occasions prior to my ever stating my name. All of them take place on a Donzi that I have owned or still own. Thankfully, Randy has not posted any pics of me that I would need to be embarrassed about. A little tip from the girl's point of view - from personal experience I can tell you that the gentlemen on this site pay close attention to the Donzi Girl pics. This is a group forum website and I think it is best if there is no debate about this. We have attempted to indicate a realistic lead time in each item description. Pics have also been removed after the fact because the woman was upset. So far, she thinks it's fun to join in; but, wants no part of being perceived as "cheap". And, even though I don't presently have any of the above all posts should be proceeded by "Honey, would it be OK if I DonziDirect is a small business dedicated to helping the classic Donzi enthusiast by providing specialty parts for boats that are no longer in production. I find most to be in good taste. HP SC , Keep it in your own private collection to browse through every now and then. D That is clearly a Donzi Please allow ample time when considering your restoration project. Just my 2 cents. Ted PrestonZX , But I can tell you that I have witnessed girls being fairly upset more than once over the pics that have been posted of them. I strongly discourage comments from the guys that cheapen or disrespect the women in the photos. All the regulars seem to have a cute or meaningful tag line to there post and wishing to be a conformist A big shot is just a little shot that kept on shooten!

Donzi girls

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