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Perhaps some of these issues will be addressed in future Dark-Hunter installments, but I came away from this story with the feeling that they probably won't. In the course of the story, he casts one sleeping spell on Channon. Overall, I thought that Dragonswan was a good story that I mostly enjoyed reading, but I thought that it would have been much better as a longer novella or perhaps even a full-length novel, where more details could have been added to fill in some of the blanks. One real star, two romance stars. He walks you back to your hotel and for some strange reason you never do this! It was as if her skin was alive and being massaged all over at once. No characters from the first two Dark-Hunter stories appear in Dragonswan, and at this point, I am not certain whether any Dragonswan characters appear in future Dark-Hunter installments.


There's also this part where, if she had not let him in to the hotel room for sex he would have broken his vow of "interfering in human free will. As such it is a very short book at only 86 pages. So, no points off. After having sex with this guy, both of you are suddenly branded with some geometric shape. You're a history professor specializing in pre-Norman Britain. There are currently a total of 17 full-length novels in the Dark-Hunter series and quite a number of related novellas and graphic novels as well, with more still to come. I have the feeling though, that there are no carry-over characters in either direction, and Dragonswan is really more of a stand-alone story that is simply part of the Dark-Hunter world. Reading and liking romance is subjective. Each reader is going to like different stuff. If you don't bond with him in 3 weeks, he will be doomed to live life alone, and never have sex again A gorgeous guy who's six five comes into your office and starts chatting you up. Do you know why the sex with this guy is so "heightened? Grace must spend the rest of her life in Britain a thousand years ago, but she and Sebastian pop back to modern times once in a while so that she can catch up on Buffy. Since you are his mate, he can never have sex with anyone ever again except you. Perhaps some of these issues will be addressed in future Dark-Hunter installments, but I came away from this story with the feeling that they probably won't. Dragonswan had a little of both of these characteristics, but seemed much more serious in it's presentation of the mythological angle. Another reason is the previously cited lack of character development, which made it difficult for me to grasp their love connection, especially for Channon who was human and as such still had the free will to choose. If Sebastian leaves Channon behind, she will be in danger from his enemies and he will spend eternity alone. Oh, of course, that's the first thing that pops into my mind. It is related to the Dark-Hunters series, and I think that perhaps it is meant to present some extra history of that fantasy world. One real star, two romance stars. He is a dragon shifter on a mission to steal the tapestry and return it to his own time in the Middle Ages to save his brother's life. Kenyon changed the ordering and organization of her Dark-Hunter series twice in One night while she is studying it in the museum, a handsome stranger approaches her, introducing himself as Sebastian and telling her stories about the tapestry. This can take a while. We will endeavor to keep up with any future changes as well, but readers are advised to check her website for the most up-to-date information on the series.


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