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The scientists found that the sharpened tip of the claw was a puncturing and gripping instrument, while the curved and expanded claw base helped transfer stress loads evenly. The arms, which could exert a lot of force but were likely covered in long feathers, may have been used as flapping stabilizers for balance while atop a struggling prey animal, along with the stiff counterbalancing tail. The dromaeosaurids Rahonavis and Velociraptor have both been found with quill knobs, showing that these forms had feathers despite no impressions having been found. New finds of dromaeosaur specimens in the last few years will hopefully tell us more about these strange and exciting dinosaurs. Above, they attack and bring down their prey. These predatory adaptations working together may also have implications for the origin of flapping in paravians. Senses[ edit ] Comparisons between the scleral rings of several dromaeosaurids Microraptor , Sinornithosaurus , and Velociraptor and modern birds and reptiles indicate that some dromaeosaurids including Microraptor and Velociraptor may have been nocturnal predators, while Sinornithosaurus is inferred to be cathemeral active throughout the day at short intervals.


The researchers found lesions like those caused by stress fractures on a dromaeosaurid hand claw, one of only two such claw lesions discovered in the course of the study. Like accipitrids, the dromaeosaurid would then begin to feed on the animal while still alive, until it eventually died from blood loss and organ failure. The authors of the paper describing these footprints interpreted the trackways as evidence that some species of dromaeosaurids lived in groups. The forelimb claws they studied also fell within the climbing range of curvature. Some dromaeosaurid fossils preserve long, pennaceous feathers on the hands and arms remiges and tail rectrices , as well as shorter, down-like feathers covering the body. The RPR method of predation would be consistent with other aspects of dromaeosaurid anatomy, such as their unusual dentition and arm morphology. Such dietary differentiations likely allowed them to inhabit the same environment. Microraptor even shows evidence of a second pair of wings on the hind legs. The "killing claw" of dromaeosaurs is an incredible structure useful for just that: Deinonychus antirrhopus was about 10 feet 3 m long and weighed maybe pounds 80 kg ; about the size of a jaguar or mountain lion. The first, Rahonavis ostromi originally classified as avian bird, but found to be a dromaeosaurid in later studies [8] [46] may have been capable of powered flight , as indicated by its long forelimbs with evidence of quill knob attachments for long sturdy flight feathers. Additionally, the animal displays proportionally large, aerodynamic wing feathers, as well as a tail-spanning fan, both of which are unexpected traits that may offer an understanding of the integument of large dromaeosaurs. Modern diapsids , including birds and crocodiles the closest relatives of dromaeosaurids , display minimal long-term cooperative hunting except the aplomado falcon and Harris's hawk ; instead, they are usually either solitary hunters, join forces time to time to increase hunting success, or are drawn to previously killed carcasses, where conflict often occurs between individuals of the same species. It may even be that the ancestry of birds lies within this group, which would make them dromaeosaurs too, but this is not at all established. One of his outstanding students, Dr. The scientists found that the sharpened tip of the claw was a puncturing and gripping instrument, while the curved and expanded claw base helped transfer stress loads evenly. Preserved feather traces in a fossil Zhenyuanlong suni. Ostrom's of Yale University and descriptions of Deinonychus "terrible claw" were a major contributor to the re-evaluation of dinosaur activity levels. However, micro wear on the teeth indicated that dromaeosaurids likely preferred larger prey items than the troodontids they often shared their environment with. Mackovicky speculated that giant dromaeosaurids may have adapted the claw to be used exclusively for latching on to prey. The sickle claws of the dromaeosaurid Deinonychus have a curvature of degrees, well within the range of climbing animals. Luis Chiappe concluded that, given these adaptations, Rahonavis could probably fly but would have been more clumsy in the air than modern birds. The Terrible Claw The foot of Deinonychus compared with that of a modern pigeon not to scale. For comparison, they analyzed the construction of a claw from a modern predatory bird, the eagle owl. The stiffened tail would have been good to stabilize the body while the grasping arms and jaws held onto the prey for balance.


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  1. The RPR method of predation would be consistent with other aspects of dromaeosaurid anatomy, such as their unusual dentition and arm morphology. It was normally held off of the ground during locomotion, but when the muscles of the toe were contracted, the claw swept down quickly.

  2. Dromaeosaurid jaws, thought by Fowler and colleagues to be comparatively weak, would have been useful for eating prey alive but not as useful for quick, forceful dispatch of the prey.

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