Ffs urban dictionary

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Users with celebrity syndrome will not follow a significant number of Twitter users. Refers to a person who send tweets on the Twitter service same as Twitterer. The term used to describe someone who has a problematic addiction to Twitter. A shortened form of "background" often used on Twitter. Used in MUD settings. Twitter shorthand for "because. Also, "out of curiosity. The name of a mobile Web-based Twitter client for the iPhone. Short for "in case you missed it", the abbreviation may appear in a tweet that is a repost from the same person, just in case their followers missed it the first time it was tweeted.

Ffs urban dictionary

The name of a mobile Web-based Twitter client for the iPhone. Also, "out of curiosity. A slang term meaning "Twitter terminology. Twitter lets you see all the people you follow and also who is following you. Some industry speakers use the term to describe a live event where a lecture on a Twitter topic is given e. A Twitter application that allows users to find other Twitter users who have similar interests in any specific geographical location. Refers to a twitterer who talks trash in his or her posts. Short for Twitter networking. Twitter shorthand for "more to follow. Slang term for legal advice that is sent on twitter using characters or less. The video quality is very good with no detracting edge enhancement or digital blights What does Smut mean in Urban Dictionary? This is a fast tweet posted by an individual while he or she is in between tasks. The frequent reply to a request for basic help from newbies who have not attempted to find the answer for themselves. Short for please retweet. Twitter shorthand for "note to self. A Twitter user ranking service that provides an updated list of the top Twitter users. Slang phrase used to describe a photo that is taken of oneself where the right or left arm is extended with the camera held backwards. Interested twitterers simply need to enter their Twitter username at the site. In the meantime Herenigde National Party appointed Sauer Commission to formulate guidelines future policy towards other races. Short for Twitter newbie. There are various other ways of implying term smut like smiz M. This Twitter phrase refers to a situation in which a non-celebrity mistakenly believes he or she is a celebrity. This is a notation added to the end of a Tweet. A shorthand form of "whatever" often found on Twitter. Often seen on Twitter, it means "create.

Ffs urban dictionary

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