Galactic civ 2

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The player must guide Humanity's actions as they attempt to prevent Precursor technology from being discovered by their enemies, fight a galactic war between the major powers and survive the onslaught of the genocidal Dread Lords. Galactic Civilizations II adds another layer of complexity by requiring that the income of an empire is used to pay for all forms of production. A planet's class determines the number of improvement tiles that are available for building. In order to produce one unit of product, be it research or manufacturing, the player must pay credits usually in denominations of a Billion Credits, or BC. Certain technologies allow the unlocking of extra tiles, a feature that allows more advanced civilizations to make better use of a low-quality planet.

Galactic civ 2

It is therefore critical that the player balances the economic income of their empire with their industrial output, and not just with the maintenance of their empire. Negotiation skill is an important factor which varies with inherent civilization bonuses and research; it can be possible to gain a significant technological advantage through careful trading with less sophisticated civilizations. There are three types of paired "offense-defense" combinations: Human scientists realized that, with the inclusion of a fusion power source, the technology behind the stargates could be modified to create a hyperdrive engine. Some events can spawn devastating pirate fleets across the galaxy or triple one civilization's influence. Planetary invasions are dealt with separately, depending on a combination of general technology, soldiering ability, quantity of forces available to each side, and optional methods of attack which tend to provide advantages at the cost of decreasing planetary quality or destroying planetary improvements. Moreover, planets may now only have a limited number of improvements built upon them. If the player loses an election they do not lose control of the game, only the bonuses previously granted. Players — both human and AI — may trade technology, starbases, ships, planets, and trade goods unique improvements built by one civilization that provide a bonus to those obtaining them. Beam weapons and shielding Missiles and point defense Mass drivers and armor Defenses work best against the offensive weapon with which they are matched. The necessity of customizing planetary improvements which is a big part of the game can be an increased burden on the player. Galactic Civilizations II includes a highly configurable 3D ship design editor. Minor civilizations which do not factor into winning conditions, and have a weaker AI , such as the sentient rodent-like Snathi, can also appear in the game. Certain technologies allow the unlocking of extra tiles, a feature that allows more advanced civilizations to make better use of a low-quality planet. In addition, once the "Xeno Ethics" technology is researched, it is possible to pick one of the three alignments, which grants access to various bonuses and improvements. In this case, the "loss" of the good choice is mostly an opportunity cost in terms of the foregone advantage. It is possible to play the game in this mode. Stardock has changed the AI's capabilities with various updates. Economics[ edit ] The largest departure made by Galactic Civilizations II from other 4X games is its economic system, which is very different from the systems used in most strategy games. In the original Galactic Civilizations, planets were part of a star system, and located in the same square. As the younger civilizations prepared themselves for the coming conflict, the Dread Lords began to return. Hyperdrive allowed starships to travel great distances on their own. In addition, a proportion of tiles offer bonuses for manufacturing, research, agriculture, influence or morale improvements built upon them. Civilizations[ edit ] The game has 10 playable preset civilizations, and also allows the user to create a custom civilization. A defense mechanism used against a mismatched attack is diminished to the square root of the defense value with a minimum of 1. Others are more benign, with all civilizations experiencing a short-term economic boom, or a "wave of xenophobia" usually triggered by prolonged warfare that halts tourism.

Galactic civ 2

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  1. Existing ships may be upgraded to use these new components, although it is often cheaper to use them as cannon fodder and replace them with newer ships. The AI also makes use of technological developments to design ships of its own.

  2. To keep the game's ethics uncontroversial, the choices are made very clear-cut. Several extra components available at all times include sensors, life support for extra range , colonization, and construction modules.

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