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Serve yourself, take orders to your own table. So I was surprised when we rolled up to a place that says wood pit bbq. In the bathroom, I noticed they attempted to paint, around the mirror and light fixtures, but it looks like they used a roller instead of a paint brush, because you can see large patches of old paint around the mirror and fixtures. Parking is no problem. We'd all get gyros, stuff our faces, and head back to the office in food comas.


The restaurant has a large following. Loyal customers enjoy meals and are quick to tell you how great the foods. Been here plenty of times, and i have to say the food is consistently good! The owner not sure which Soto brother was at the counter with his daughter. This is the bast BBQ ribs I have ever had the meet Falls of the bone and it's absolutely amazing wow I never had ribs like that Gemato's has really delicious food. It's a little far from my home so we don't go often. It's a little more expensive than comparable food from Portillos but it does have a different taste being wood cooked. Moist, meaty ribs, meat falls off the bone. The restaurant itself was spacious and had fun decor. The gyros platter is technically two meals, so the smart play is to get the gyros platter and split it with someone, cutting the price in half. I'd go back a few more times to explore the menu. The meal also came with a healthy portion of fries and a choice of beans or coleslaw. They pile up tons of flavorful meat on to a soft pita. Their beef ribs are absolutely amazing, and I'd order a full slab of them every day if I could. Good bbq in worth IL. I'm hopeful that Gemato's will fit the bill! I'm shocked the place wasn't full because it was delicious. Learn more reviews. To start they are friendly, the woman at the register is very friendly. Personally, I would have enjoyed the sandwich better if it was served on a Kaiser-style round bun--it would have been easier to eat. The ribs are amazing; tender and fall right off the bone. We took the 11 mile drive, and it was a trip well worth it! The flavor on the potatoes was lemony and not too salty just right. A strict cooking style that will not change and the golden flames from a wood burning stove. Why I always come back an will always frequent this place! Not the best I have had but still tasted decent.


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  1. The beef is nice and tender and the bbq sauce is excellent, it is sweet with a little bit of spice.

  2. The meat and sauce tasted good but they serve it on one of those dense chewy Gonella-style rolls.

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