Go shave your balls you dusty old fart

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Autorotation - 1 A method of making an emergency landing in a helicopter which has experienced engine failure. Gator - Vessel of the amphibious force. Generally used for lines of small diameter. Complete intercept if weapons are in flight; continue to track. Hong Kong Haircut — Blowjob.

Go shave your balls you dusty old fart

Sometimes incorrectly used to mean a watertight door, which is mounted vertically in a bulkhead. Bight - 1 A loop in, or slack part of, a line. Senior enlisted onboard a submarine; acts as liaison between the crew and the XO. Deck - What the civilian calls a floor. Dit - RN Short written note. The aircraft does not have sufficient speed to fly, and usually crashes. What would it be like by the time of the injection, I shuddered to think. In older use, this signal was used when piston-engine aircraft come aboard the carrier. While I have attempted to present things with a bit of humor, if you are easily offended this FAQ may not be for you. This generally requires that the aircrew be seated in the aircraft at all times. Golden Rivet - The mythical last rivet which completes a ship. Seated on the bench on the cart were two buxom mistresses. Considered meaningless, it was awarded to anyone who served in a certain time frame during and subsequent to the Vietnam War. Seams were caulked or sealed—paid—by jamming oakum fiber into the gaps, then smearing the seam with melted pitch or tar. Thankfully, I was so exhausted I slept like the proverbial log. Con Level - Altitude at which contrails occur due to condensation or freezing of the moisture in engine exhaust. Aka 'Alpha', from the engineering notation for AOA. At right angles to the ship's longitudinal centerline. Used to secure lines, such as mooring lines. Brown-Bagger - Married member of the crew. Field Day - To scrub or otherwise clean a ship's spaces. Derisive interpretations of the acronym include: Not making way q. Boondockers — High-top over the ankles black shoes, worn as part of the working uniform. Fairwater — 1 Submarine The more modern term for the conning tower of a submarine.

Go shave your balls you dusty old fart

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  1. Some cats are fine with it and appreciate the warmth, but many become confused and unhappy if you try to dress them.

  2. Blue Water - Literally, 'deep water,' or 'deep draft,' but more traditionally, 'away from land.

  3. Can be either a normal or emergency evolution, the difference being simply how quickly the various actions are accomplished.

  4. Hollywood shower - An excessively long shower. Green Water - Solid water a swell or wave coming aboard.

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