Guy liner

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When makeup does come up in the story, it's worn by women - specifically whores, women who sometimes dress as men to attract other women. Hilarity Ensues with some of them, but some of them end up looking good. All of the skaters in Yuri!!! It's apparently acceptable for men in his culture, though no other Dothraki are seen wearing it. The Grandmaster wears blue eyeliner, which is an indicator that he's a flamboyant, Depraved Bisexual. It's probably not eyeliner.

Guy liner

Contrasted with the bizarre get-ups everyone else in the Capitol wears, he actually looks quite understated, but at the same time a little unusual, which was the intended effect. The Yunkai'i envoy Razdahl mo Eraz has this, which is common in arid regions for coping with the bright sun. Even the grizzled elderly Commander Uvanov wears it. Live-Action TV Sinbad presumably uses this for eye protection. The Goa'uld in general, most notably Apophis before his first death and other Goa'uld in male hosts masquerading as gods of Ancient Egypt. Alex in A Clockwork Orange wears false eyelashes on one eye when with his droogs. They are less than enthused, hiding it with Sunglasses at Night because, as one mook puts it, "Cosmetics don't go with G. Beyond is trying to imitate L , and to look more like him, wears copious amounts of theatre makeup, including eyeliner and eyeshadow. The world of A Brother's Price features inversions of almost every gender role and has Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy as the default, but that's almost. Film — Animated In Aladdin , Jafar seems to be wearing eyeliner. Even at court, Jerin is not put in makeup other than penciled chalk under his nails. This is actually a subversion, as Nestor Carbonell just naturally looks like he's wearing makeup at all times- Word of God states that no makeup was actually applied. Hardison, predictably, gives him a hard time about it. A cutaway shot in "The Doctor Falls" shows us the Simm incarnation of the Master touching up his gothboy eyeliner in a shot mirrored to a similar one of the Gomez Master touching up her lipgloss. Gomez rocks it, though it isn't commented on in-series. He's still got deep, shadowed eyes when the helmet comes off in Return of the Jedi , though that falls more under Creepy Shadowed Undereyes. This was partially because of the demands of the format, but also because the shadowy-eyed gent was the male ideal at the time. It's actually to reflect sunlight. They're actually dark circles from lack of sleep. In the 20s, plenty of young men would don guyliner in order to look like Rudolph Valentino or Conrad Veidt. They wear lip paint to draw attention to their mouths and suggest that they know how to use them. A notable subversion is Gaara. The Labyrinth of Magic wears thick kohl, probably as an indication that he's up to no good. Gendry appears to be wearing it in the second series. Blackbeard and Jack's father also wear black kohl, but not as thickly as Jack.

Guy liner

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