He wears panties

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Threw them away again lol. Idk what he did with the lairs I threw at him. I have fluctuated with my weight over the years. I was upset but took his word for it. Maybe I coddled him a bit too much, but I was trying to be a good mother. I threw them away. I told him how disturbed I was with the thought of him searching thru the women's section and actually purchasing clothes to masturbate into. Read Ellie Monday to Saturday. Think this through on your own.

He wears panties

Stay in touch through his girlfriend. Read Ellie Monday to Saturday. We have, for the most part, had a good relationship until recently. When we started dating we were only Then a couple days ago I found another pair in my basement. He works part-time, has a sweet girlfriend and she has a nice family. He broke down and said he was so sorry but they're his and he likes to masturbate into womens underwear. A year later, we adopted him. Fast forward to two months ago when I find another pair of xs leggings and xs pantiws in his dresser. So today I look in my half bath and find leggings with bright pink lacy underwear rolled up and tucked under a hat in the cabinet. Is it bad of me to blame myself or is that normal. Anyways, three years ago I found some xs leggings and a tan thong in the cushions of my couch. Since then, she said that in order to continue to see her, I have to wear both panties and stockings when we go out, and on weekends she wants to dress me completely. I can't tell my friends because I don't want to embarrass my husband but I'm so f'ing confused. It started one weekend when we went away and she removed my underwear from my suitcase. He has us blocked on the phone and Facebook. Please any thoughts would be helpful. So my husband and I have been together for 12 years. I've been depressed and overwhelmed, trying to lose weight. Think this through on your own. I'll lose 10 then gain t right back. I feel like it's because I'm overweight that he's having these weird desires. I have fluctuated with my weight over the years. It can drag you into private misery and even public shame. Tell him you understand and that you love him. My husband has always been slim we're both the same height at 5'6.

He wears panties

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