Hot wings churchland

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It's totally worth it. The lemon pepper wings didn't blow me away like I thought they would. My boyfriend and I usually get wings here every Friday, it's our little tradition. The service is terrible! The owner is a Veteran - thank him for serving our great country.

Hot wings churchland

We ordered and waited and waited and waited We both agreed we've tried better wings in the area and even from some stores. I found out about this place from a friend doing a review on Yelp. His wife was cooking the wings and making the magic. I believe it was like 50 cents or something but I would rather them charge 10 cents more on their food then to "punish" people that aren't walking around with cash. And cross your fingers the food is good. I'm sure I waited atleast 25mins for my wings They're amazing, their customer service is great as well! They have spicy, mild and dry rub wings in addition to the rest. I heard his life's story: We got lemon pepper wings and garlic spicy wings and TNT wings. The TNT ones were not hot to the point of being painful but had a great kick! What did turn me off slightly was the fee to use a credit card. One of Portsmouth's best kept secrets, Hot Wings has some of the best wing sauces I have ever tasted! The seasoning wasn't anything to rave about and the fries tasted like they had spent a little too much time in the freezer. This place has the best wings in the Churchland area. I have tried the regular buffalo wings and they are not as good but I drive 30 min to get the lemon pepper! Ordered 10 piece tnt combo and 5 piece mambo all flats. It's , who charges extra for 2 wing flavors? The decor isn't amazing, and they only do to-go orders. The only good thing I can say is that the wing was fried well. Omg cooked to perfection not too hard and not too soft. The owner is quirky but funny. I was told that it's extra to split wing flavors, on account of them having to use multiple bags I almost forgot about the wings! Gets a little pricey because you cannot mix flavors, so we have to agree on 1 flavor or all get separate orders. They have so many flavor options.

Hot wings churchland

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  1. The tnt was really spicy and like another reviewer said it has flavor. We got lemon pepper wings and garlic spicy wings and TNT wings.

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