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How did you yourself find an interest in the lifestyle? For women, it is a means to explore the full reaches of their sexuality, safe within a marriage and with the knowledge that their sexual explorations will not cost them their husband. Everybody asks whether I wrote this book about my own sexuality. Female sexual capacity is infinitely greater than male sexuality. Why do you think some men get so excited about seeing their wife or girlfriend with another guy? One story I cite describes a wife who took on over a hundred men in one night, during a tribal ceremony. Gradually, I found that there were lots of people quietly exploring aspects of sexuality that people judged as unhealthy, just because they were rare or uncommon, not because anyone was getting hurt or because there were issues of nonconsent. But, when we start a relationship with other people, those early exciting neurochemicals roar back at full strength.


For my book, I interviewed couples across the country. The resource of the Internet has also offered them more venues through which to pursue fulfillment of their desires and fantasies. Like my book, the goal is to present these couples in an honest, respectful fashion, showing them as normal people exploring an extraordinary and exciting sexual lifestyle. Our brain chemistry changes over the course of a relationship. First, I think that the jealousy is often still there, but comes out in their sexual excitement, rather than through fear or anger. But more so, I see that these men and couples have developed high levels of communication, and learned to talk about situations that would trigger jealousy, then either avoid them or manage them. Ultimately, I think that the core components of a healthy relationship, such as good communication, trust, mutual respect, and mutual support, can be implemented in a monogamous or nonmonogamous marriage. I want to wait for her patiently, and when she returns the next morning, I want her to tease me with all of the details until she allows me to cum. Need someone for hotwifing and cuckolding? Or they are gay? Those are traps that will devastate trust in a marriage. At the same time, the wife is often more orgasmic with a man other than her husband, as her body reacts with physiological excitement to the possibility of becoming pregnant by another man. I also saw some who got into hotwifing, and got in over their heads pretty quickly, and watched their marriages fall apart. With a healthy foundation, couples can explore beyond a lot of boundaries. I think another form of biology is involved here, that of sperm competition. If any of your readers are interested in being in the film, and I hope some of them are, they can contact me through my blog, at insatiablewives. The common fantasy is that the husband finds the wife being unfaithful, and finds himself surprisingly aroused by it. How do we end up with this kink? As a man, I have always found female sexuality very alluring, and sexually confident women to be extremely attractive. But why and how these men end up going to these extremes is still something of a mystery. Hopefully, my book will start some questions and research into this area. A woman can have as many as fifty orgasms in an hour; a man is limited to at most three or four. In any case, if you are turned on thinking about a partner of yours getting it on with another guy, please know you are not alone! I argue in my book that the things that underlie these desires are basic, natural parts of human sexuality that are just taken to an extreme by men who pursue hotwifing or cuckoldry. Tell us where are you based in the world? I want to be forced to sit and watch my wife have sex with another man, and afterward I want to be forced to lick the cum off her stomach.


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  1. Also, while many women enjoy casual sex, few women truly embrace the exploration of casual sex, even with the support and encouragement of their husband — the social conditioning is just too strong.

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