How to masterbait guys

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With your first hand, jerk your cock in a top to bottom motion. Watch your cum shoot into the air like a geyser. How to masturbate tip 6: How to masturbate tip 7: Try a variety of sizes to discover which tie-up of the balls feels exceptionally good. Close the opening to the glove and shake it to spread the baby powder over the petroleum. Fuck the glove by sliding it up and down over your penis. Rub-a-dub dub, Scrotum massage The balls are a sensitive spot and sometimes the pleasurable spot beneath the scrotum, the perineum, is missed when guys masturbate.

How to masterbait guys

Take another band and slip the balls through. The perineum builds great sexual sensations when touched and felt. How to masturbate tip 4: I must admit that I love masturbation. Try this to increase the volume of seminal fluid before the big climax. Hold your cock diagonally with your finger along the underside of the cock. Increase the masturbating speed. How to masturbate tip When you reach orgasm and the point of no return, pick up the container. Aim the head of your penis at the container and shoot that healthy spunk inside. Rub her sweaty or soiled panties, pantyhose, sport briefs, or lingerie over your body. When I get intimate with a guy, one of my dirty pleasure is to ask him to jerk off in front of me. With a feather and very delicately, move the strands of the tip slowly along the length of the penis shaft. Allow the urge to come to slow down. Using the thumb or index finger, they multiply the pleasurable sensations by circling the head of the penis at the top of a single pull from the public hair to the tip. Guys, give some of these dirty tips a try! Delight exploring new ways to frig yourselves and get your dick off. Shoot the Rapids The guys I know love squirting tremendous amounts of sperm when they come. Each time you jerk you cock, capture the semen in the jar, and store the collected sperm in the fridge. Hot Tips Masturbate differently with these new sexy tips! Slip your finger downward to this very sensitive area. Sip spring water throughout the day, in small amounts, for six hours. Place your cock through a large rubber band. Grab your dick again and resume masturbation. Play with the perineum, feel the intense sensations of prickly pleasure and take your masturbatory pleasure to new heights — enjoy!

How to masterbait guys

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  1. Once you find a rhythm of moving each palm, hand over fist, each time pulling the hands away from and off your cock, one hand following the other. How to masturbate tip 2:

  2. Use one hand and move your palm along the penis shaft in a single, fluid movement and allow your hand to pull over your cockhead and away. Put your olfactory senses into overload while your jerk your cock… and feel the sweet release of come from the sheer naughtiness of your dirty secret playtime.

  3. Using a rubber band? Try this to increase the volume of seminal fluid before the big climax.

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