Huntington beach bikram

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Try it for yourself you'll see what I mean. Clean, convenient, friendly staff, offers diff classes like bikram, pilates, Vinyasa! Each teacher brings a different vibe to the class. I can go on and on with other physical as well and mental benefits from the Bikram yoga. I think it's great! I recently tried their pop up yin class oh so relaxing and hot Pilates oh so challenging. The classes cater to yogis of all levels. You should sign up to be on their email list because they will periodically run some specials. Everyone is very nice and helpful.

Huntington beach bikram

This studio is amazing! I absolutely love the facility, it's near the beach and right next door to my favorite places to bring friends for brunch! I'm a graduate student in OC living on my own I've never felt shamed or judged for not being able to hold a pose, or taking water breaks. After three years as a regular at the studio, I am updating the review with elaboration on different aspects of this wonderful place. I have a few friends who have been coming here for years and are in love love love with this place so I had to give it a try. You will get the best afterglow you have ever felt! I highly recommend you to try out Bikram Yoga Huntington Beach. Some focus on timing, some focus on poses, some are more patient and some are stern, but they all push me and inspire me for different reasons. Only a block from the beach, and it's on the second floor. Learn more reviews. There is no militant vibe here. The classes are done at very flexible times throughout the week and all of the instructors are friendly, fun, knowledgeable and professional. It's right down the road from the beach which is perfect for me to go longboarding right after a class. I can't comment on the others, but I've only heard great things! I highly recommend anyone wanting to try yoga to come here. They invite others for workshops and events to help you in your practice, and I absolutely appreciate that so much! Besides looking and feeling great and practicing my skills, I also enjoy meeting so many kind people there too. They know their members and give guidance when necessary. It is a very nice community! Also, I have found that none of the popular stereotypes of Bikram yoga practitioners are true at this studio. The instructors are caring and welcoming and go out of their way to create a community. I love this location! The classes are never crowded and I never feel intimidated, especially being a beginner; 3. The instructors are all so helpful and the studio is pristine.

Huntington beach bikram

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  1. Bikram Yoga Huntington Beach This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. The classes are done at very flexible times throughout the week and all of the instructors are friendly, fun, knowledgeable and professional.

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