Is salvia legal in mn

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This bill was superseded by Senate Bill , which is virtually identical. On January 5, Representative Rachel L. The bill proposed adding Salvia divinorum and salvinorin A to California's list of Schedule I controlled substances. Denmark Salvia divinorum and salvinorin A have been placed in category B of the Danish list of controlled substances. The Senate voted in favor of the bill on April 8, ayes: We don't see the urgency in criminalizing a substance with no clear track record of causing people to act in a dangerous manner or hurt other people House Bill was referred to the House Judiciary Committee for consideration. Chris Barstow proposed legislation for the State of Maine. On December 16, , Senate legislators did the same.

Is salvia legal in mn

This law would not apply to the possession, planting, cultivation, growing, or harvesting of Salvia divinorum strictly for aesthetic, landscaping, or decorative purposes. The amended version classifies the knowing production, manufacture, distribution, or possession of the active chemical ingredient in the hallucinogenic plant Salvia divinorum as a Class A misdemeanor. These two bills died with the dissolution of the 85th legislative session. Neither of these bills passed. Simple possession of an illegal form of Salvia is a felony for which the maximum sentence is 5 years; production even for personal use or distribution even for free has a maximum sentence of 10 years and a minimum sentence of 2 years. Initially, this legislation sought to make Salvia divinorum a Schedule I controlled substance; however, it was later amended to merely make possession a misdemeanor crime. Click here to view those documents. The new law goes into effect 60 days later, on August 22, On April 29, , the Senate bill passed and was passed by the House [62] on May 13, It did not come up for a vote in the House. Originally, the text of the bill only mentioned Salvia divinorum, but it was amended on February 22, , to include salvinorin A. The scope, duration, and significance of abuse. The Judge imposed a 3-year deferred imposition of sentence. For documentation see Gazzetta Ufficiale N. This bill would make it illegal to possess Salvia divinorum or salvinorin A, but does not make it a Schedule I controlled substance. This legislation was reintroduced the following year as House Bill Senator Karen Peterson and Brett's parents Kathy and Dennis Chidester have subsequently continued to campaign for and support Schedule I legislation beyond their home state of Delaware. This bill died with the dissolution of the 94th General Assembly. The import and export of these substances, as dangerous drugs, will require a licence from the Director of Health. This bill proposed to make it illegal to possess, manufacture, or distribute hallucinogenic plants that are intended for human consumption. Its psychoactive properties are not like those of LSD, and that Salvia divinorum is not generally understood to be either addictive or toxic. Its history and current pattern of abuse. It was "Passed to be enacted" last Senate action on September 5, This House-approved proposal requested the Board of Pharmacy to study the use and abuse of Salvia divinorum in New Mexico and determine if the substance has any recognized medical use. Nebraska[ edit ] Attorney General Jon Bruning 's office planned to pursue a bill to make Salvia divinorum illegal during Nebraska's legislative session. Watch it for yourselves. Johnson indicated that she would not be satisfied with only the enforcement of age restrictions to control salvia, asserting—"This drug is just as dangerous to someone who's 30 as someone who's 17".

Is salvia legal in mn

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  1. Given the details of Brett's suicide, in particular its premeditated nature and slow method, it is unlikely that he was immediately under Salvia divinorum's influence at the time of his death.

  2. The import and export of these substances, as dangerous drugs, will require a licence from the Director of Health. For documentation, go here.

  3. To the best of my knowledge, Salvia divinorum is legal in Brazil. It would not apply to "the possession, planting, cultivation, growing, or harvesting of such hallucinogenic plant strictly for aesthetic, landscaping, or decorative purposes".

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