Kayaking brazos river

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Private Camp, just upstream from FM 4 low-water crossing, at about Upon reaching Crawford Bend, you've kayaked 10 miles from the dam. They suggest the SH 16 boat ramp downstream from the arch bridge. Many arrowheads and artifacts have been found all along the river. Tip Beginners should consider taking a kayaking lesson before venturing out.

Enjoy the scenery with rocky embankments as you head toward Flint Bend. Most of the trees that could be in the river were there long ago. In high flow conditions the river is swift and natural campsites are inundated with water making overnight trips all but impossible, and even then with great difficulty. The put in point for this trip should be the Highway 16 bridge below Possum Kingdom Lake. Private Camp, just upstream from FM 4 low-water crossing, at about Highway 4 see map above cuts this trip in half and is a good take out or put in point for a two day trip. Review Intro Striped bass, painted buntings, mule deer, and the desert cottontail all make their home along the Brazos River which runs miles diagonal across much of the state of Texas. There are a few fun, narrow class one downhill rapid stretches and a couple of tricky ones where trees are fallen and you have to get over, under or around them. Kayaking the Etowah River in Georgia When only the longest river in Texas will do for a kayaking trip, head to the Brazos River, one of the state's 15 major waterways. Make a Supply Run Rent a kayak at the marina and purchase a fishing permit, if necessary. The depth goes up and down about feet daily between low flow and when they generate. Trip Overview Brazos River - from Whitney to Waco This stretch of the Brazos from Lake Whitney dam to Waco is clear water, easy paddling, and beautiful sights and wildlife and excellent fishing for a weekend trip. If you choose to continue, get ready for some rapids. Spring and late-fall are the best times to paddle the Brazos, assuming there is adequate water and the winds are manageable. After the Spanish came the Comanche's, who ruled the river banks until the 's. Feel free to call me at for info. The high bluffs and cliffs overlooking the river create an isolating effect that puts things in perspective very effectively. Who is Going to Love It Paddling the Brazos River makes a great weekend adventure for anyone looking to get away from the city. These homo sapiens were 13, years old and buried in the caves along the river about a mile down from the FM bridge. Finding shade on the river is all but impossible - there are a lot of trees, but not near the water's edge where you can make use of them. The marina is located on Park Road 33, 17 miles north of Caddo, Texas. The will allow you to pay to park or rent canoes there. The best time to go is when the river is flowing, and is usually soon after a big rain storm hits the area. A warning horn sounds before the gates are opened, alerting you to go to high ground, but you may not be able to hear the horn, depending upon where you are on the river. Primary activities are canoeing, though some kayaking and tubing is done. Plan the Route Possum Kingdom Lake, located about miles west of Dallas, Texas , is an ideal starting point for a kayaking adventure down the Brazos River. If history of the Brazos creates some inner stirrings of interest.

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  1. Make a Supply Run Rent a kayak at the marina and purchase a fishing permit, if necessary.

  2. There are few rapids, and none are significant. Fishing for pan fish, bass and catfish is usually good to excellent.

  3. The fall months provide another chance to get on the river, but low water levels will likely mean more portaging.

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