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The on-air personalities on I tune in for the 7: I too used to listen to them in the a. I like the '70's music the most, and I like '60's music more than '80's music. I will never listen to the new format!

Khitschicago com

I listen to khits daily they play the best variety and my husband has won a few of their contest and the DJ are awsome. He needs some more sound effects or something. Now they have this guy who is so bad. Usually the most overplayed, banal songs by decent groups wanna hear 'Sweet Child O'Mine? And plus during the week they have theme days like Tuesdays it is Turntable Tuesdays, and if you are a Beatles fan you will want to turn in on Wednesdays, as they do Beatles Wednesdays, where around the bottom of each other, they will play either a song the Beatles did together or a solo song from one of the Beatles like John Lennon's Imagine. Every time I accidentally hit this station in the car, my skin crawls. If you love oldies, music from the 60s 70s and 80s, that is the station to listen to. K-Hits is for you. This station is calm, friendly, and a good pick-me-up in the car or at work. Much to my dismay, Steve Dahl announced that today was his last day of doing the show. I do like it when they play songs I like, but to me they also play songs that I find are garbage. No Chicago radio station plays 60's music, enough, even when they say that they do. The music on K-HITs is very safe and pop rock oriented. It is number 4 saved on my favorite stations in the car. When I am having a bad day khits seens to lift my spirits It's horrible! I am so disappointed in Jack FM for adding this new guy in the morning. Chicago, IL I totally agree with Melek what is with the morning guy? I'd rather listen to The Concert on the Beach is their biggest event of the year, and it doesn't disappoint! Sit back in my car and relax to some jams. He is soooo boring. Up until sometime ago, don't know exactly when they used to play them twice an hour where they would play song at the top and bottom of each hour. I love the song choices because it is a nice blend of 70's and 80's which are my favorite. They're a painful reminder that we live in bland, banal mid-America and can't handle anything cool. I applaud their efforts to find the right mix of friendly DJs and personalities. He's not even funny or witty! There are all of these long pauses.

Khitschicago com

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