Laws of seduction

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The moment people feel they know what to expect from you, your spell on them is broken. He or she is an artist in creating the illusion you require. Master the Art of the Bold Move A moment has arrived: Physical weakness — tears, bashfulness, paleness — will help create the effect. Anti-Seducers have no self-awareness, and never realize when they are pestering, imposing, talking too much. This is the essence of seductive language. Use Spiritual Lures Everyone has doubts and insecurities — about their body, their self-worth, their sexuality.

Laws of seduction

At first there must be nothing of the seducer in your manner. Once the desire to transgress draws your targets to you, it will be hard for them to stop. If you are to stay in a relationship, beware a flagging of energy, a creeping familiarity that will spoil the fantasy. An elusive, enigmatic aura will make people want to know more, drawing them into your circle. Once they are under your spell, take a step back and they will start to come after you. A second seduction is required. Give the victim a thrill with a sudden change of direction. The deepest-rooted and most pleasurable memories are usually those from earliest childhood, and are often unconsciously associated with a parental figure. A mix of qualities suggests depth, which fascinates even as it confuses. Doing something they do not expect from you will give them a delightful sense of spontaneity — they will not be able to foresee what comes next. Intrigue your targets by alternating an exciting presence with a cool distance, exuberant moments followed by calculated absences. Beware the Aftereffects Danger follows in the aftermath of a successful seduction. Seem interested in someone else. Confuse Desire and Reality — The Perfect Illusion To compensate for the difficulties in their lives, people spend a lot of their time daydreaming, imagining a future full of adventure, success, and romance. As the serpent tempted Eve with the promise of forbidden knowledge, you must awaken a desire in your targets that they cannot control. To heighten the erotic charge, create the excitement of fear. The Anti-Seducer Seducers draw you in by the focused, individualized attention they pay to you. In doing so you will stroke their deep-rooted narcissism and lower their defenses. Stir Up the Transgressive and Taboo There are alway social limits on what one can do. Effect a Regression People who have experienced a certain kind of pleasure in the past will try to repeat or relive it. Mix Pleasure with Pain The greatest mistake in seduction is being too nice. The Charmer Charm is seduction without sex. Stimulate a curiosity stronger than the doubts and anxieties that go with it, and they will follow you. Find that weakness of theirs, that fantasy that has yet to be realized, and hint that you can lead them toward it. Unaware of the cause of their emotional response, they will fall in love with you.

Laws of seduction

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  1. Never let the other person take you for granted — use absence, create pain and conflict, to keep the seduced on tenterhooks.

  2. Stars feed on this weakness; standing out from others through a distinctive and appealing style, they make us want to watch them.

  3. Unaware of the cause of their emotional response, they will fall in love with you. Use the Demonic Power of Words to Sow Confusion It is hard to make people listen; they are consumed with their own thoughts and desires, and have little time for yours.

  4. One person must go on the offensive, and it is you. Soon they will want to possess you physically, and restraint will go out the window.

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