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We are aware of the issue with players dodging matches and are working on a solution for this. This can be more of an issue of larger, 3v3 maps which use all of the live area of the minimap so keep that in mind when clicking around the outer edges. The UNSC finally called in Shortswords to bomb it from above which finally pierced its thick armor and killed the huge monstrosity. Faced with inevitable extinction, the worm-eels were forced to agree to absorption into the ranks of the Covenant to save themselves. Diet All Lekgolo have the ability to eat and break down most metals into nutrition for their bodies. Hell, they even got giant guns and shiny armor!


Society As surprising as it might be, the Lekgolo society is actually very identical to the inner foundations of human society. Notes Edit "Lekgolo" is Tswana for "one hundred", a reference to their hive-like physiology. Is it possible to save Skirmish Games against AI? They were fearsome foes as they formed defensive walls out of their own huge, bulking bodies while covering their allies retreat and withdrawal from the infested Covenant capital. This is still partially unproven, however, although if it is true as they are known to fill what appear to be the inner workings of a Scarab , then other self-operating Covenant equipment such as the Tyrant anti-air cannons are likely also Lekgolo colonies, as well. The Lekgolo achieved a tier 3 status around BCE, almost years before their first contact with the Covenant Empire. The Flood , describes additional events not seen in the game. The Lekgolo, still thinking highly of the Sangheili as brothers in arms after so many years, answered their call for the humans destruction. This development have greatly benefited the trade and military coordination between many of the Covenant splinter factions. No visible insignia of rank have been seen however and it's still a mystery how they identify each other's ranks though some scientists speculate that might be the way the individual worms that make up the colony moves around, producing a specific sound to tell other Lekgolo of their rank and status within their military. This allows them to learn most spoken languages used by Covenant species and humans alike. The resulting events initiated the start of the Human-Covenant War. Not leader picking screens to prevent people bailing before match start A: At least in terms of the Mgalekgolo, the neural net that they developed enables them to become incredibly strong and sensitive to all things within a 1, foot line pointing out from non-combat form, and a half-sphere that extends feet in combat form. Until next time… Live well, play Halo, and remember: Mgalekgolo usually stand between twelve to thirteen feet tall, but during combat they hunch themselves over to protect their vulnerable neck and midsection, reducing their height to roughly eight feet. This was proven to the UNSC when Fireteam Crimson and Jul M'dama's forces fought over a harvester during the Second Battle of Requiem where the Harvester simply followed along with any orders given to it through the consoles linked to the monstrous machine. I really don't feel the Elites are much better than the Snipers. We are aware of the issue with players dodging matches and are working on a solution for this. As they are deployed more like equipment or weapons platforms rather than conventional troops, rank may simply not apply for them. Used in bonded pairs as highly mobile, heavy armor, Hunters Mgalekgolo are one form of several which are leveraged by the Covenant. The Lekgolo gladly took the new job as walking tanks, mainly because they wanted an excuse for stomping on people. This allowed them to travels much further than before and became one of the reasons why Lekgolo society evolved into kingdoms, empires or other forms of nations. Colony defers only to Atriox and is charged with directing all Banished Lekgolo activities on the Ark, including creation and expansion of Lekgolo clusters for use in vehicles and other specialized applications. Since you have access to statistics, is this something the team is looking at so that no leader feels superfluous?


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  1. We have a number of fixes and tuning adjustments coming in with this update which address most of these issues.

  2. Bungie concept artist Shi Kai Wang noted that project lead Jason Jones had, at one point, been insistent on giving the Elites a tail. Each season is currently four weeks with new seasons corresponding with the launch of new content and leaders.

  3. A Sangheili Fleet Master once noted that the species were known to tear an opponent apart with their "bare hands" whilst in a blood frenzy and then pause to recite war poetry. They are usually armed with Type storm rifles as their primary weapon, though they have also been observed using other weapons such as the Type carbine and the Type beam rifle and larger Rhulolekgolo soldiers have been seen using the Type plasma cannon as their primary weapon.

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