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The blanker thresholds can be set by moving the blue or yellow control line in the blanker bar which is located at the bottom of the high resolution graph. Linrad actually has two blankers. Look here for details A comparison between 16 bit integer and 32 bit floating point arithmetics for the Linrad noise blanker Using the spur removal function. That allows synchronous AM detection with the possibillity to select one particular carrier a fraction of a Hz away from other carriers as the reference. For measurements on microwave systems a very wide flat bandwidth may be desired.


They are notched out. The very first step in the Linrad setup procedure is therefore to set the signal levels of the radio hardware correctly. With the minimum memory settings recommended above you should find that Linrad only uses a small fraction of the available memory. With 48 kHz sampling rate for the loudspeakers, the Nyquist frequency is 24 kHz and that matches the maximum bandwidth of the baseband processing when the first mixer bandwidth reduction is set to On VHF and lower this aspect is not so interesting, the following image shows what the output of my RX70 looks like when it is routed to the Perseus rather than to the WSE Increase later in case you want longer times for averaging. Press any key to return to the normal processing screen. The dumb blanker works just as a conventional noise blanker although it is sometimes far superior due to the notch filters that protect it from narrowband signals. This is a sequence recorded during the leonids meteor shower with severe powerline noise and several very strong signals in the passband. The second FFT must be enabled to allow the noise blanker. When all the filtering that affects the frequency response from the antenna to the digital data stream is made with digital technology, there is no variation between different units of the same kind so calibration files are transferrable. For broadcast AM 24 kHz might be desireable. Poor linearity also leads to incorrect calibration. To get the most out of the blanker a good understanding of its way of operation is required. The blue controls the level above which peaks in the main spectrum have to reach in order to be classified as strong while the red bar controls which peaks in the high resolution spectrum to classify as strong signals. The actual bandwidth is a bit lower, there are anti alias filters inside Linrad that attenuate signals outside the desired 24 kHz range and they also attenuate signals near the passband edges. The digitizer is whatever unit that provides the digital output and from which we can not easily split off any processing block. The third screen in this sequence shows what happens when the blankers are switched on while the pulse generator is running. There are four parameters that control how the notches are placed on the spectrum and since the noise floor may be very different on different hardware there is no guarantee that the default settings give a good result. It is only intended to assist in the first attempts to get Linrad running. Use the F1 key to locate the appropriate controls. Automatic frequency control can not be selected. Linrad allocates a large number of buffers for baseband information. Manual means a fixed blanker level while Auto places the blanker thresholds at a constant distance from the noise floor. It is not practical to try to describe all of it here. In order to e.


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