Medieval wedding feast menu

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Another location option is to get married at a local or regional Renaissance Fair. Fried oranges or other fruits. Medieval physicians feared that these foods were the cause of putrified fevers though we now know this to be false. These are small, heart-shaped tarts filled with cherry sauce a recipe for cherry tort is the modern equivalent. This description illustrates the theatrical representation of the Medieval feast: If Mike and I had done this for our wedding it would have included the symbols below. The wording of the ceremony is slightly different as well. In the meantime, here is a Wedding Feast Menu for a medieval-style wedding which was prepared by the author in June of , in Pittsburgh, PA: Soap is good but you can also add some lavender as well to scent the water.

Medieval wedding feast menu

However, since finding this type of game can be hard and expensive , I suggest sticking to modern types of meats served in a medieval style. Two main sources of late medieval etiquette come from The Boke of Keruying, written by Wynkyn de Worde in , and the Boke of Nurture, written by John Russell around They started light - with soups and salads - and moved on to heavier foods and then, of course, dessert! Often, the meal order was: The traditional drink of a medieval wedding was honeymead. These would have been metal pewter , clay or wooden. Jill Kimble's article was originally found on Wedserv. In the United States, nearly every state or even counties hold such a fair, and it is becoming more common to see weddings taking place at them. On the lower level were two table where everyone else sat, positioned down both sides of the hall so that the lord was in full view at all times. These works primarily inform us about etiquette in manor houses during the Tudor period. Malardis is a roasted duck recipe, served with fritters and brawn. Ragouts of game and wild birds, including swan and geese. Season with salt, pepper, sage, or other spices. The separation between appetizers, main courses, and desserts had not yet occurred. Location Medieval weddings are generally held outdoors or in a traditional church if properly decorated with banners, heavy wooden chairs, grapevine wreaths on the doors, English ivy, Medieval banners, votive candles set in gold holders, and white flowers. If the groom or his groomsmen have long hair, they should also wear it loose. If you are of African descent consider a lion or some other animal for the content or even an African mask. Dishes were served in the order thought to be important. One such menu comes from Alice de Breyne in , and included a boar's head, broths, woodcocks, pheasants, partridges, roasted mallard, wine thickened with egg yolks, open pork pies, stuffed chickens, and poultry with sauce. You might consider hiring several jugglers or acrobats to perform during the meal; in costume, they will easily transport your guests to a different time. Usually a hospitality coordinator is in charge of arranging such an event, and then most all of the hard work is done for you. The wording of the ceremony is slightly different as well. Capon with Orange or Lemon Sauce is a chicken stewed in wine, fruit, and spices. There are also symbols that identify us with Britain such as the crown, lions, and unicorns, all symbols from the British Coat of Arms. In addition to Fairy Fashion, you can also check out By the Sword to start looking into your options for purchasing clothing and what you might have to spend to look authentic.

Medieval wedding feast menu

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  1. You can plaster your Coat of Arms all over: We also know that fresh fruit was used to dress meat, fish, and poultry.

  2. Medieval Feast for Kids! I found a couple of Medieval menus online that are quite informative.

  3. Malardis is a roasted duck recipe, served with fritters and brawn. Wooden bowls and plates Pewter bowls and plates Steins and tankards for beer and goblets for water, wine, and other drinks.

  4. This is likely the result of regional customs or differences between households. Because the couple was outside the church, now the husband and wife would enter the church, where they knelt before the altar.

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