Midori sushi nj denville

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We go every chance we get and will continue to do so. Well, now that the word is out the restaurant is mobbed. Consistently excellent sushi and service! I guess the decor and service are what matter. Last night we waited over an hour quite literally for our sushi after we were sat. They also have an interesting way of breaking down the menu which tells a sushi novice if the rolls are spicy or not and raw or cooked. The sushi was ok. I feel that customer service is never exceptional and should not be expected at any Japanese establishment because of the culture and language difference.

Midori sushi nj denville

Consistently excellent sushi and service! My husband and I looked at each other and basically said, "It looks like it". Trust me and go try it for yourself!! The few sushi chefs they had on staff look exahusted -- one was working non stop, one was working slower and one was barely behind the counter preparing any sushi at all. Ordered a World Series Roll, another favorite. A nice salad in the middle, with a generous lobster roll and great sauce. The menu and food spoke for itself so that's why I would highly recommend Midori. I asked the waiter if they have new owners; three months ago they changed. I guess the decor and service are what matter. Should have known something was off. We haven't gone to Midori in a couple of months. The sushi was ok. Once you taste this sushi you won't like any other sushi ever again!! I have been here countless times for both lunch and dinner. Will not be coming back again. The have a large selection of specialty rolls. I would prefer Yama Sushi on Main St. I got a coupon here from one of those sites like Groupon and I have to say that the food here is great and reasonably priced. This place is amazing if you are lookig for fresh sushi in morris county. Quality sushi, fairly priced. They will not be able to ride off the past Midori name. Unfortunately Midori is located in a strip mall that time has passed by, but this little island of deliciousness is absolutely worth a visit! We go every chance we get and will continue to do so. This Japanese restaurant has a convenient location on Route 10 and the space is nice inside. Tuna melted in your mouth.

Midori sushi nj denville

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  1. Pretty standard when it comes to freshness. The only reason I would give less than 5 stars is because of the weird music that was playing in the background, it sounded like it came from a music box.

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