Mtf hrt

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In general the drug is considered quite safe, even for use over a course of several months. If you DO plan to try transdermal prescription strength progesterone creams, effective amounts for F2M transsexauls should contain mg of micronized progesterone per dose this, when absorbed into the skin, will yield roughly the same amount of useful progesterone as a mg Prometrium pill. Testosterone can lead to hair loss and perhaps baldness. Progesterone and progestin cause fluid retention in tissues, which may be responsible in part for the breast enlargement, but it is more likely due to a downstream effect that increases the level of Prolactin. Everyone—transgender or not—has a gender identity. This regimen increases the anti-androgen above the recommended dose.

Mtf hrt

The steroid ester is cleaved into estradiol and valeric acid during absorption and the first liver passage. I learned it is a molocule attached onto the steroid backbone that prevents it from latching onto hormone receptor points immediately, especially right around the injection site. I suppose it's possible it could stimulate an increase in breast-building hormones those would be estrogen and progesterone , though I think it would be FAR more effective to just take extra estrogen and progesterone if that's what you're really shooting for. Testosterone affects the clitoris, which may become more sensitive and somewhat larger average size between 1 and 3 cm. It is not possible to choose some changes and not others. Estrogen is the main feminizing hormone. The other is to focus 5-alpha-reductase blocking in the skin instead of in blood serum. Polycythemia and Bleeding Disorders Possible side effects of testosterone use include polycythemia, or having too many red blood cells, and suppression of some clotting factors. Progesterone is the hormone that promotes development of the lobules and alveoli in the breasts i. What is the typical dosage for progsterone in oil IM injections? What effects will hormones have on my body? It's why males still have nipples, even though they generally don't serve any purpose - except possibly in at least one species of Malaysian bat, where the males may nurse the young [ see sidebar ]. Unfortunately, it also tends to make us a bit incorrigible as we accentuate our experience — aka - the placebo effect. Also, see the end of this section for information indicating the OTC creams sold in the United States may be in violation of Federal regulations too. Both gel and patch, applied daily, are efficient ways to keep testosterone levels stable. This information has been generously shared with us by two amazing organizations in Montreal: You will begin to see changes between 1 and 3 months. Almost every web site I've seen selling a progesterone cream refers to Dr. Visiting your doctor regularly in order to monitor your overall health and well-being is an important and necessary part of any medical treatment. Hyperprolactinemia — An increased level of prolactin. After that first few days, the endocrine system no longer controls the lactation. However, generally speaking its effect are subtle. It doesn't matter whether you're born male, female, or intersexed, the wiring for all this is "primitive" and not gender-specific. Rarely prescribed because it is the least effective in stopping menstrual periods. However, during hormonal therapy, it is difficult to tell which mood variations are due to chemical changes and which are due to other factors. Transitioning refers to any physical, mental, or emotional change that a person makes in order to better reflect their gender identity.

Mtf hrt

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  1. Why use a transdermal delivery? Although hormones are a part of a transition process for some, they are not miracle drugs that will turn you into a man or woman.

  2. My own observations are based upon my own experiences and those of lots of friends. This change is permanent.

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