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He hated being a young landlord under an old landlord. However, Pierre had only heard about this by way of a rumor of the meeting which spread around Artigat and its environs, and could not prove it was anything more than hearsay. Finally, Bertrande conceded that the returned man was the one she had been bound in matrimony to. Hai imparato qualcosa di nuovo da questa pagina? Pierre initiated a new case against the man by falsely claiming to act in Bertrande's name only the wronged wife could bring the suit. In her name he got permission to have a formal inquiry opened about the true identity of the man who called himself Martin Guerre and to have him arrested as a man who was guilty of serious crimes who was likely to flee.


Arnaud du Tilh, nicknamed "Pansette", a man with a poor reputation from the nearby village of Tilh, in the region of Sajas. Finally, Bertrande conceded that the returned man was the one she had been bound in matrimony to. They have been shared and described here thanks to the efforts of the network that that Slow Food has developed around the world, with the objective of preserving them and raising awareness. He and his wife, Bertrande's mother, pressured Bertrande to support the charge. The marriage was childless for eight years until a son was born. He said that his name was Martin Guerre. The Parliament made the returned peasant prove that he was indeed Martin Guerre. In the summer of , a soldier, passing through Artigat, saw Pansette and told several villagers that he had seen Martin Guerre lose a leg at the siege of Saint-Quentin and therefore the man living with Bertrande was an imposter. Both Bertrande and the accused independently related an identical story about their intimate life from before Very soon she realized that this man was not her husband, but she was willing to help him "become" her husband. In , villagers accused the new Martin of arson and of impersonating the real Martin Guerre. Officials arrested Bertrande and Pierre on charges of possible false accusation and, in the case of Pierre, soliciting perjury. The Daguerres tried their best to adapt to the ways of their new neighbors. Roman Catholic Canon Law did not allow his abandoned wife to remarry. Martin fled Artigat, leaving his patrimony, his parents, his wife, and his son. Pierre, Bertrande, and Martin's four sisters all agreed that the newly arrived man was the true Martin Guerre. Arnaud left Picardy for home around Eleven years after the move to Artigat, Martin Guerre was married to a girl from another well-to-do peasant family, Bertrande de Rols. The reticulum is separated from the rest: He frequented the local taverns and perhaps the local brothels. Pierre Guerre was outraged. Alas, it turned out that Martin was impotent and could not comsumate his marriage. Martin was next in line to inherit the family property after his father, since he was the only son in the family. Occitan was banned by the French government in in the interests of linguistic unity, but it was still being spoken in isolated areas in the Pyrenees in the nineteenth century. The new Martin eloquently argued his case, and the judges in Toulouse tended to believe his version of the story:


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  1. Both Bertrande and the accused independently related an identical story about their intimate life from before Pierre Guerre, who had married Bertrande's widowed mother during Martin Guerre's long absence, became suspicious.

  2. He points to the improbability of Bertrande's charging her own accomplice with fraud, as she would run the risk of having to defend herself against charges of adultery or false accusation.

  3. The story was dramatized in the TV series Electric Dreams , which also features the man on trial as an alien imposter, who is saved by the testimony of his wife.

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