Poems for missing him

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Just like memories, we also miss the presence of our loved ones and in their absence we feel loneliness, silence around and incomplete. His spilled-ink hand on your chest. A thought moves from dirt up through me and if I do not disabuse it, it grows. To use a higher mind is to be part of the cosmos. Then she lowered her voice to a rasp and told those assembled a secret. Honeyed light beneath the door.

Poems for missing him

His spilled-ink hand on your chest. We connect each person with some good or bad memories and we expect to repeat those good memories again and again with the person we love. Coming at an end. Every moment I spent with you Was like a beautiful dream come true It was the best dream I ever saw More colorful than a rainbow Your pretty voice is echoing in my ear The splendid sound I ever hear No Nightingale's song Can compare to your glamorous tone Those alighting brown eyes As bright as twinkling stars in the sky I always wanted to hold your hand Between my arms close to my heart My wish was to hug you hard And listen to the beat of your heart I can still feel your smell The wonderful charming spell You taught me about love Your love made my life alive Whenever I see your face My whole heart fills with grace My life was like a dark cold night You were the only luminaire warming light My dream was to see your smile And walk with you all over this glorious isle You were the queen of my dream worlds I don't know how to explain my feelings in words But, when you leave me alone with the feeling of spleen I could realize that was just a daydream But, you will say, we loved And some parts of us loved And the rest of us will remain Two persons. We miss the memories more than actual person. Take all the time you need. This gives me sad pleasure. In the techie world, distance is removed because of social apps, but still it is not equal to the availability of real personal. This piece of poetry is like a magic and explain my feelings exactly with emotions. In order to understand nature do we have to die? So I hope it will help you to convey your message with love. What mastadonic presumptions precede and follow each word, each be, each bitter being? Where Did it end? I was younger and not planning on dying. I Miss You Poetry A little collection of missing you poems. These yawns into which we enter as into a harbor— Come. Rather, I would say, like a length Of coiled rope Which does not disguise in the final twists of its lengths Its endings. Honeyed light beneath the door. Affixed to us driving the road to a mountain lake. You can walk away. Coming down the mountain I could see a reservoir through the trees, fat and glowing. To use a higher mind is to be part of the cosmos. The landlady next door for my rough brown skin to her tenant from Hong Kong as if I were her daughter, as if she were you. All poems are carefully selected. Your arms cleaving little wounds in the wind.

Poems for missing him

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  1. Rather, I would say, like a length Of coiled rope Which does not disguise in the final twists of its lengths Its endings.

  2. So we leave apartments, not breathing, breathe on the way home. Check few romantic poetry below.

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