Pooja to get married soon

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The scholars and pundits of Pavitra Jyotish have performed your puja, for amazing and miraculous relief from suffering and alleviate your problems. Take water, flower, akshat in the right hand and utter sankalpa, that you are doing it to erase hinfrances to quick marriage. The girl should offer Red chunni, red bangles and sindur etc to Lord Shiva and Parvati at any nearby temple for early marriage. Offer prayers to the Guru and seek his blessings for the success of the tantric procedure. This is where Vastu Shastra, the sacred science as popularly known comes into play. The girl wanting to get married early should wear Gauri Shanker Rudraksh in red coloured thread on Monday. She should dress up as Goddess Parvati, tie the knot between Shiva and Parvati and pray for early marriage. It is an ideal measure to placate your planetary Doshas causing a delay in your marriage. Worship the Yantra with panchamopachar.

Pooja to get married soon

First of all remember one thing. Marriageable boys and girls should pour sacred water over shivaling and place flowers over it, chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivaya and praying for early marriage, on Fridays. Poojas to get married Poojas recommended by astrologers to get married are given below: This reduces the effect of Mangal on them. Performer of this remedy must avoid the Alcohol, mutton, chicken, fish and other non-vegetarian food. Various forms of marriage puja, such as Mangalya puja, Katyayani Puja, Ganesh Puja, and Gandharva puja are performed to pave the path for marriage stuck due to reasons related to celestial bodies in the solar system and their corresponding effects on your marriage prospects. In the month Shravan offering peopal leaves on shivaling everyday helps in early marriage of the girl. The Dust-bin should not be kept in South-west area. Lit a lamp beneath the same tree on Saturdays. The girls wanting to get married early should also take care of their appearance besides the various remedies listed here. It is an ideal measure to placate your planetary Doshas causing a delay in your marriage. Slokas to Get Married soon To get married quickly To be chanted by the girl or boy or their parents daily times Janakasya vacha vichruthwaa paaneen panibhi asprusan, Chathvarasthe satha srunaam Vasishtasya mathesthitha. Clean it first with milk and then water, rinse it with a clean piece of cloth. Girls become over aged after their higher education and this makes difficult to find a suitable life partner. Do it for 7 consecutive Fridays, marriage proposals will start coming in. They want their kid to reach the destination which they were not able to reach. However, if these measures are not able to hasten the process of marriage, it indicates problems with the stars in the horoscope. Only those people who are above 27 can do this remedy. You have to follow this ritual from Tuesday to Saturday with full devotion. The girl should read verses related to the marriage of Shiva and Parvati in the Balkand of Ramcharit Manas everyday, wishes of early marriage are fulfilled. After prayer donate all the things sweet, cloth, milk in a small pot to an old pandit. To say in brief Puja dedicated to marriage is done for the purpose of ensuring that any hindrance in your way to get married is resolved and you experience a problem in getting wedded to a suitable match. More details of this pooja can be found here Gandharva pooja Gandharva pooja is performed to remove or prevent any Dosha related to Gandharva. Offer vermillion, flowers and akshat to Yantra. This is a puja for Lord Shiva Parvathy. Do it for 4 weeks and you will surely get good proposals.

Pooja to get married soon

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  1. However, delay and problems in marriage of girls and boys is a big tension for parents. This is very effective remedy.

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