Scorpio rising in bed

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This house rules the head, face, upper lip, and upper jaw, cerebrum brain. But her stubbornness, at times, puts a man at a dead end — how to behave with her, and how to entice yourself? However, the traditional rulers do have a significant say, especially when they return to where they are in your chart. You could be sitting in the back of the room and you see someone who has taken your interest. These natives enjoy travel and because they rule the 8th house, they are also fond of the occult and investigating mysteries and conspiracy theories. You are very charming and you can get almost anyone to do what you want, it's hard to tell you no.

Just about everything you see can be assigned a sexual meaning or undertone, with this Rising sign. At the very least, you have a taste for light kinky sex. You seem to have a sixth sense about their unfulfilled fantasies and of what they have hidden in their sexual closet. This all happens fast, it's your Scorpio temper talking. Pluto imparts profound feelings, a strong spirit, resolve, determination, tenacity, vision, and the power to begin something new as a winner. This woman can not be forgotten, if at least once met with her, especially, twisted love story. Your demeanor will relax hugely, as well, preventing you from feeling like you need to be anticipating something terrible at every corner. Some of you tried something out and the experience opened up a new world. We call this Taurus Setting because Taurus was setting as Scorpio was rising. That sentence says it all. You do have that tendency to be a polarizing, love-them-or-hate-them type of individual. And they all look at the rest of the world the same way. After all, you are here to be a mystery. Pluto in the 12th will require you to be this healer and transformer in ways that are selfless and deeply spiritual. It seems the easiest way the men can renew themselves is through the eyes of another lover, so if you are involved with a Scorpio rising man, or you are one and something bad happens that changes your life, watch out for infidelity. They have a quick wit and fast speech. If you do it in a damaging way, you may be more of an emotional vampire in the way you relate to them. I note Taurus setting to you because the opposite setting sign tells of ways to cope with your rising sign. They may also have a more Mediterranean profile and nose with a dark or dusky complexion. Often times, Scorpio Rising people have very seductive voices, as well: Those with this Ascendant often enter the world in a manner that can feel a battle to the death. So, for the most part, as a Scorpio Rising, we will be looking at Pluto as your chart ruler. You like secrets, but you hate dishing the dirt. They are aware that all aspects of humanity are natural. They may also be impulsive and sarcastic when they are fueled. Finally, they may cheat on you. In the looks department Scorpio risings are inclined to have dark and dense eyebrows, a large nose and mesmerizing eyes.

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  1. You probably entered into these experimentation's just to see what it was like and stopped there, been there done that. It is difficult to approach it if it does not allow it.

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