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All by its lonesome. The background could be deep dark outer space. The Skuzzle TorqIntake also makes use of 2 venturi effects. They are no guarantee that your vehicle will benefit from the same increase as this will depend on many different factors such as engine size, other modifications and overall vehicle condition. I thought my brightly lit piece would stand out from previous iterations.


Long overdue, all things considered. The Skuzzle TorqIntake also makes use of 2 venturi effects. Inspired by the popular cult film. I thought my brightly lit piece would stand out from previous iterations. Of the made, I was able to scoop number Released by Skuzzles in in limited edition of 60 prints. Fox Home Entertainment has that covered with the re-release of 13 major cult horror films for October, movies like The Silence of the Lambs, The Amityville Horror, Carrie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 and more all grace the stage with really amazing art, you can actually catch samples of the art from Skuzzles below. Got my Bill and Ted posters on Friday and spent this morning framing them. Check out our other listings for more hard-to-find and out-of-print posters. The pipe diameter is altered in 2 strategic places along the Skuzzle TorqIntake to maximise air velocity at higher rpm. Many hours of research, testing and development have gone into this system to produce a product which Skuzzle Motorsport are proud to put their name to. We are officially sold out of our Bogus Journey and getting low on Excellent Adventure. Print measures 18x24 inches, hand-numbered. Following purchase, prints are rolled in archival paper and shipped with bubble wrap in sturdy cardboard tubes. The full snapshot from Skuzzles on the project is below. Click here for a comprehensive fitting guide! We also have two of the murderers standing there and her necklace dangling down with the smallest hint of blood red seeping through. To fit this kit you will need to remove the front bumper. The background could be deep dark outer space. The goal is to keep the end result as close to the artists original vision as possible. Print measures 24x36 inches, hand-numbered. The high flow air filter is manufactured by RamAir specifically for the Skuzzle TorqIntake and is made to the same standards as all other filter products produced by RamAir. Print is stored flat in very good condition. When comparing prices, please be aware that many other suppliers show their prices without VAT. It was an absolute pleasure to work on this project with everyone involved. The idea of a velocity stack is to premote laminar flow where the air enters the induction pipe smoothly and adheres to the intake pipe walls to reduce turbulence at high rpm.


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  1. Inspired by the popular cult film. This allows the Skuzzle TorqIntake to boast impressive gains to top end horsepower too, nearly 10bhp at rpm.

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