Tantra massage in maryland

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I am skilled with alternative healing, Reiki, deep tissue, and Tantra Yoga. We can provide these for you. I will give you lessons on the Ocean breath which will help you relax and calm down your overwrought central nervous system. If you are interested in certification for Tantra Massage we provide complete certification for Tantra Massage upon satisfactory completion of our Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Tantra Massage Workshop Programs. Visit my website http:

I will be available in Maryland, Virginia and Metro D. Just like a good athlete you will need a few moments of complete rest or a breather from your normal routine to relax the most overworked muscle of your body—your brain. Your body is the laboratory! Learn to replace shame with celebration. Graciously, Goddess Diana of http: When do you actually take time for the breath? You are used to your planned out day or ritual so you can make the most use of your time. I work with small workshops, couples and individuals who wish to lose track of all time and get lost in exploratory touch. See our Meetup Page for the Schedule and for subject matter we are covering. A delicious connection to your physical body. An authentic sense of being alive in your skin. We can accommodate you. Tranquil music plays as you slowly surrender to conscious loving touch and presence. If you are serious about your training facilitation you will be very pleased and fulfilled with what she has to bring to the table through her sincerity and experienced ability. When do you find time to unplug and just be? You squeeze your lunch hour in somehow all the while constantly checking your phone for incoming emails and last minute emergencies or conference calls and then you go home and do your home ritual to make the most of your leisure time either alone or with your close family members and friends. A great deal of Tantra Intricasies will be covered in this ongoing series: We all have hang ups that impede our fullest expression of joy. Priestesses and Priests hosts these circles for all to attend. I will give you lessons on the Ocean breath which will help you relax and calm down your overwrought central nervous system. Presence of red root energy being expanded thru Tantric Energy Methods: Please take advantage of my presence here now that I am visiting Maryland, Metro D. We can help you by supporting your cause both as a fund raiser feature and with great teachings to uplift everyone in their own healing and empowerment process. We can provide these for you. There is no judgment. Visit my website http: If you'd like to check out what we do here, get your feet wet before jumping in, meet other people with like interests, this is a great opportunity to do just that.

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  1. Learn technique and experience first hand on yourself what your touch and intention can do. You can either take these as they are made available on a group basis or you can train privately as well.

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