The romantic period in british literature

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He pioneered a new form of satire, combining a traditional Scottish verse form with the contrasting images and ironic rhymes used by the English satirist Alexander Pope. Both were set in the distant Scottish past. Margaret Drabble described it in literature as taking place "roughly between and ", [24] and few dates much earlier than will be found. Sentimental novels relied on emotional response, both from their readers and characters. Thomas De Quincey — was an English essayist , best known for his Confessions of an English Opium-Eater , [25] an autobiographical account of his laudanum use and its effect on his life. Shakespeare, he explored values in a world of rapid changes, and created exciting plots and characters who live in the memory because they are both of their time and beyond their time. So the poetry of the Romantics, from Wordsworth and Coleridge? Sir Walter Scott writes about revolution, history and social changes, and about characters from all levels of society. These wars, along with the political and social turmoil that went along with them, served as the background for Romanticism.

The romantic period in british literature

The government encouraged free trade. Friedrich Schlegel wrote in his Dialogue on Poetry , "I seek and find the romantic among the older moderns, in Shakespeare, in Cervantes, in Italian poetry, in that age of chivalry, love and fable, from which the phenomenon and the word itself are derived. Arthur Lovejoy attempted to demonstrate the difficulty of defining Romanticism in his seminal article "On The Discrimination of Romanticisms" in his Essays in the History of Ideas ; some scholars see Romanticism as essentially continuous with the present, some like Robert Hughes see in it the inaugural moment of modernity , [35] and some like Chateaubriand , Novalis and Samuel Taylor Coleridge see it as the beginning of a tradition of resistance to Enlightenment rationalism—a "Counter-Enlightenment"— [36] [37] to be associated most closely with German Romanticism. The poem contains elements thought to be autobiographical, as Byron generated some of the storyline from experience gained during his travels between and The main themes of the poems are the search for lasting beauty and happiness and for permanent meanings in a world where everything fades and dies. It is perhaps the first modern statement of the principle of nonviolent protest. Percy Shelley Like Keats, they wanted to capture deep personal experiences, but Shelley? The monster murders Frankenstein? In a period of rapid social and political change the novel became more and more important as a detailed record and exploration of change. In London he had met the editor of The Examiner. They had to move from the country to the city. The concept of the genius , or artist who was able to produce his own original work through this process of creation from nothingness, is key to Romanticism, and to be derivative was the worst sin. He attacks the morals and religion of the age, and in an essay? Although there is despair in his later poetry when the imagination fails and memory no longer works. In the second volume of Keats poems appeared and gained critical success. He frequently satirised the Presbyterian Church for its doctrine of predestination, and occasionally did such a good job that he was afraid to have the poems printed. Samuel Taylor Coleridge and others believed there were natural laws the imagination—at least of a good creative artist—would unconsciously follow through artistic inspiration if left alone. Basic characteristics[ edit ] The nature of Romanticism may be approached from the primary importance of the free expression of the feelings of the artist. His heroes are passionate with feelings who rebel against society, who want to experience what is forbidden, and who seem to be beyond good and evil. No one has ever written more powerfully of nature, of a rural childhood, and of the alienated and unstable self". She writes mainly about young heroines as they grow up and search for personal happiness. Vathek by William Beckford , and The Monk by Matthew Lewis , were further notable early works in both the gothic and horror literary genres. In Britain it was limited to a few poets, but they changed the face of English literature forever. The poor condition of workers, the new class conflicts and the pollution of the environment led to a reaction against urbanism and industrialization and a new emphasis on the beauty and value of nature. There were also famous women writers such us Fanny Burney and Maria Edgeworth, both Ann Radcliffe and Clara Reeve wrote Gothic novels which were popular for their exciting plots. In a period of two years Keats wrote much of his poetry, both long narrative poems and the famous odes.

The romantic period in british literature

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  1. Byron invites his readers to be involved in his poems, to laugh with him at his heroes, and to question their own values and the values of their society. The main themes of the poems are the search for lasting beauty and happiness and for permanent meanings in a world where everything fades and dies.

  2. Though generally dismissed as an eccentric during his lifetime, posterity rediscovered Blake and today he is highly rated both as a poet and artist. Women poets[ edit ] Women writers were increasingly active in all genres throughout the 18th century, and by the s women's poetry was flourishing.

  3. For Augustans, feelings and imagination were dangerous; for Romantics, reason and the intellect were dangerous.

  4. In Britain it was limited to a few poets, but they changed the face of English literature forever.

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