Triumph thunderbird vs harley

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Sign up to receive our email newsletter and never miss an update! And though comfort is good, range on both is even better. Even though it has just one front brake, for example, that lone Hayes caliper provides good feel and sufficient power. It comes in two kinds of black matte and gloss , but no other colors. The Triumph carries some vibes through the bars, but nothing even remotely annoying. H-D Heritage Softail Classic.

Triumph thunderbird vs harley

Its almost telepathic handling and easy-to-access power made for a fun ride that even aggressive riders could get behind. But your mission is a little more complicated than a simple summertime ride around town or to the multiplex a couple of cities over. Gear ratios on the H-D six-speed are well-suited to the engine, with no awkward speeds between gears, and ample torque for smooth gear selection. Sitting on the Storm, one of the first things you notice is how close the handlebar is. Its power delivery is perfect low, mid and high. The Storm is goes even longer, thanks to an almost 6-gallon tank. The power is fairly unbelievable; most cruisers simply refuse to wheelie, while this one only requires a whack of the throttle to come close. Do we judge on outright performance, or how they work as a laid-back cruiser? The Fat Bob is more comfortable, and still a bunch of fun, with its torquey motor and predictable handling. The cc engine ccs more than the base model is not only more powerful, but has a more aggressive power delivery as well. The suspension on the Harley also was a little more forgiving. In tighter terrain, the Harley was easy to just hop on and ride, regardless of your style. And my right foot could barely reach the pedal. The Storm is a more exacting machine, requiring you to fine-tune your inputs to get the most out of it. They may be black and proud , but safety is actually on the table too, with double headlights bringing their visibility to the fore. Find a mellow pace and watch the world saunter by. Either way, they are a couple of great bikes. Read more about our first impressions of the Judge on page All of which is just below your line of sight while wearing a full-face helmet. It exhibits neutral handling, a vast powerband, and a great exhaust note as you trill up and down the rev range. I think the edgier should remain just as is—an upgrade kit. Sign up to receive our email newsletter and never miss an update! H-D Heritage Softail Classic. The bike I think would really give this Fatty a run for its money is the base Thunderbird. The Fat Bob brings arm position tighter to the bike, but stretches your legs farther out. For these riders, the current model will be something of a revelation.

Triumph thunderbird vs harley

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