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The National Parks Act does not recognise the importance of lands encased in national park boundaries as being culturally and spiritually important to iwi. The mountain is often cloaked in cloud, which deepens its aura of mystery. How does he shift their thinking, I asked, when the tikanga of the gang is so strong? At a wananga, or training camp opposite , participants affirm their Tuhoe identity by reciting a pepeha, a summary of their cultural vital statistics—waka, mountain, river, marae, family. Everything Tuhoe starts with prayer, even tribal conference calls. Rua was arrested and transported to Rotorua , his hair and beard removed. Kokomuka, a species of hebe, for curing rashes. Forced by economic necessity to leave their marae and their rohe, they face the almost certain reality of cultural loss. As I concluded in my comparative PhD:


Forced by economic necessity to leave their marae and their rohe, they face the almost certain reality of cultural loss. The past gives shape and meaning to the present. Significance of the legislation for New Zealand The comments by some of our Members of Parliament during the third reading of the Bill that became Te Urewera Act capture the importance of this statute. One by one, they walked the circle and greeted each person. Then you sit down with a single thought: The move took everyone by surprise. But in the Coalition government looked for conspiracy. They donated some land for road rights of way. The promised fresh wind of change petered out into a bureaucratic doldrum. Uppermost in our minds was the question: My arm had gone numb with cold and fatigue, holding a spotlight out the ute window, shining it on the road ahead and into the forest on each side. It becomes a pattern. Makomako, wineberry, for tired eyes. Repeating his words, the people stepped into the wrinkle in time where Tuhoe past and Tuhoe present become one. A few days later, I watched the taiaha recruits give a haka at a tangi. Tuhoe history should make you weep. Tuhoe built a number of meeting houses to honour their Moses figure. At the time, Kereopa was a hot-headed evangelist for the Pai Marire faith also known as Hauhau , which promised deliverance from Pakeha oppression. Third, Te Urewera Act will be of immense interest internationally for aspects concerning ownership, management and purpose. He pointed to a message he had written on a set of metal cupboards where foodstuffs were kept: Across the valley, the mountain itself was cloaked in cloud. She and her husband Neuton were attending a Tekau-ma-rua, a two-day gathering of the Ringatu faith, held on the 12th of each month. Kenana said those feelings belonged in the past; he, the new Messiah, brought hope. Black and sluggish, the Tarawera. It left a wet trail across the blue-black lines of his moko.


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  1. To be Ringatu is a clear expression of Tuhoetanga, though not an essential one. Te Urewera Act demonstrates a new bi-cultural way of articulating the importance of national park lands for multiple reasons ranging from science to cultural.

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