U31 north park

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And the white guy bartender is a rude POS!! The cocktail is topped off with a black berry. The service is prompt and Sam is the man - he's the guy on Tuesdays and will hook you up. Great show, decent drinks, can't remember what I ordered, something like a cactus habanero strawberry something with tequila! I asked, Oh, are you going to put it on the big screen like we asked and he literally laughed at me and said no way, not for a preseason game. Unfortunately this place is old, a bit dirty and in need of a right good scrub. The whole trip was based on a friends birthday so we did things she wanted to do! It met our football TV needs, drink needs, and consumer needs. We were recommended to come to U31 from a neighboring bar who weren't showing the Raiders game after walking in a bunch of packed sports bars I'm glad we were recommended to come here.

U31 north park

We were told that the cocktail menu's were new and they were trying out new ideas. Where you really want to be is at the back area fitted with booth seats or the corners of the bar. On non special days then it's free before 10p. Learn more reviews. That time I was to drunk to smell anything and the music was good so it took my mind of other stuff. Hot and sweaty "youths" gettin down, I'm in my element! We were recommended to come to U31 from a neighboring bar who weren't showing the Raiders game after walking in a bunch of packed sports bars I'm glad we were recommended to come here. But better than that, they make you pay right after ordering probably because they know they can't deliver what you order properly , and then don't bring you your order. My friend said it's just as good on Sundays, so I now I have my go-to "sports bar" when I'm in the area Haha ended up here at time point last night and got a quick drink and danced. Key is to show up early before the line wraps around the block. This place pretty much just sucks in all aspects, unless you want to be surrounded by rude people who will potentially fight you. I could've stayed at home and watched the game but decided to go out and spend money to watch it at what was supposed to be a niner bar on the projection screen. Another great night is wing Wednesday's which are 50 cent wings. Basically, he was just being a DICK. Horrible managerial ethics and I was physically assaulted by a patron here. Not sure what the deal is. Today's experience was a new one The DJ was still spinning the hits to the few members of the bar who were shouting requests. They server typical bar snack that we didn't get to try but, I'd definitely come back when i'm in San Diego again. Music varies depending on the night. They do have a decent line upon bands and plenty of room to dance. The nachos were huge and the quesadilla was backed with steak. It was easy to book the tickets via the Facebook link to Eventbrite. As I waited for my burger to arrive I noticed a DJ booth and a stage. The staff is weird and they argue in front of each other in front of customers. Also, again I have only partied here so I had never had the food, but man it was good!

U31 north park

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