Wapasu camp alberta

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Once you take the bus to camp, you check in like you would at a hotel. For your work lunch you go to the bag-up room. If you are heading to such a place, I highly recommend asking important questions ahead of time to make your transition smoother. June 12, At a camp north of Fort McMurray, South African firefighters sing as they wait for their pay dispute to be resolved. With 56 wings, and a horse shoe maze of hallways that look the same, you will likely need it.

Wapasu camp alberta

The Alberta government has said the firefighters will be compensated in accordance with Alberta laws, but by South Africa. Some essentials for the camp incomer: A small strip about an hour or so from camp. The South African firefighters boarded six buses en route to Edmonton Saturday afternoon. Aside from safety, I also learned of aboriginal awareness and not much else. Remembering to lock and unlock the door every time can e a challenge. You have to swipe your card and go through a turnstile and then find the bus that goes to your section of the site. I wake up between 4: Baggage allowances and weight requirements differ depending on the size of the plane. Breakfast is served in the dining room, should you wish to partake. For your work lunch you go to the bag-up room. Also bring a lanyard for your room key and ID for Kearl. Yesterday I had roasted potatoes and lemon-crusted sole. It consists of a few different areas: To get to he job, I line up at the gates at around 5: The buses line up at 5: They can show you the ropes better than anyone. That's what their culture is all about, I think. Finally, after supper I basically go up to my room, take a shower, and relax. Before working on a construction site in Alberta you should have a course called CSTS which is safety related and takes about 8 hours to complete. The night before I had hot wings and fries. If you are heading to such a place, I highly recommend asking important questions ahead of time to make your transition smoother. We can't even begin to identify with what they were experiencing, but in a small way we do To my surprise, site orientation was a reiteration of the information I learned in that course. If you forget things at home, there is a small store in each camp but items are extremely overpriced. Bring two or three locks for your dresser, and to lock any bags you plan on leaving in camp on days off.

Wapasu camp alberta

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