What to say to a grieving widow

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Several suggestions are listed below. In assessing the needs of a grieving person, it helps to understand the circumstances. When feelings of anger, frustration, disappointment, fear and sadness are expressed, accept those feelings. Your greatest gift is your invitation to talk, while you listen-offering no advice or judgments, please. They are in shock and can barely get out of bed in the morning. Today, she maintains the site The Mighty Widow where she chronicles life after love and the challenges of parenting through grief. You can always remarry 3. The increased stress experienced during early grief can lead to health problems for some people.

What to say to a grieving widow

Would that be okay with you? Neither blame nor shame the bereaved or the deceased. People need time as well as the grief process. She must walk through the pain to come out on the other side, healthy and stronger. Others prefer to stay home alone and process this loss on their own. A couple of my friends did just that, and it gave my kids a welcome distraction while providing me with some much-needed time alone at the house. The first time you see a new widow, please by all means share your deep sorrow for her loss. Plus, people in the thick of grief often have no idea what they need. Especially with fresh grief, your embrace, your touch and your sincere sorrow are all the mourner may need. How people deal with loss changes as time goes on. Please consider the following guidelines as suggestions only. Some widows want to be surrounded by others; they want to talk about their husbands to anyone and everyone. And be proud of yourself for reaching out despite the discomfort of acknowledging death and loss. Are you offering validation of their pain and showing you recognize the unique nature of their loss? They are in shock and can barely get out of bed in the morning. It also lets the survivor know you think he or she is important. Grief is hard work and others cannot do it for us, though they can help with their support and encouragement. Note significant dates in your calendar anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, diagnosis dates, etc. And unfortunately, the result is many people end up feeling paralyzed and offer no help at all. Several suggestions are listed below. When friends are grieving, they get to decide what is helpful or what is offensive. After 15 years of marriage, Maryalene LaPonsie lost her high school sweetheart and husband to cancer. Remember, there are no ready phrases which will take away the pain of the loss. Try saying these helpful things to a widow or widower instead: And each time the story is told, the finality of the death sinks in a little more.

What to say to a grieving widow

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  1. The increased stress experienced during early grief can lead to health problems for some people. Expect good days and bad days for some time.

  2. Make a note of these dates in your calendar and when the day arrives, reach out to your friend with a card, call or text. Ask what happened then actually listen to their reply.

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