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The patterns and files. The options --bootstrap or --no-bootstrap will either force the bootstrap to be run, or prevent it from being run, without prompting the user. This "stash" operation will preserve the original data. Other shell expansions like brace and tilde are not supported. Even if disabled, permissions can be manually updated by running yadm perms. Supported categories are commands, configs, repo, and switches. The -a option will cause all managed files to be listed. This may best be demonstrated by example. For example, Emacs Tramp and Magit can manage files by using this configuration:


If disabled, you may still run yadm alt manually to create the alternate links. By default, all data yadm stores is relative to this directory. Any path specified by these options must be fully qualified. To decrypt these files later, or on another system run yadm decrypt and provide the correct password. The yadm encrypt command will find all files matching the patterns, and prompt for a password. Paths beginning with a "! For example, the following alias could be used to override the repository directory. Exit the sub-shell the same way you leave your normal shell usually with the "exit" command. If running on a Linux server named "host4", the link will be: If disabled, you may still run yadm perms manually to update permissions. Using the -l option will list the files stored without extracting them. If you always want to override one or more of these paths, it may be useful to create an alias for the yadm command. For example, to disable alternates you can run the command: This sub-shell can be used to easily interact with your yadm repository using "git" commands. Since yadm already uses the config command to manage its own configurations, this command is provided as a way to change configurations of the repository managed by yadm. The config command is not passed directly through. This can be disabled using the yadm. This could be useful if you are using a tool which uses Git directly. If left blank or not provided, symmetric encryption is used instead. CLASS must be manually set using yadm config local. Supported categories are commands, configs, repo, and switches. For example, The following file could be linked for any host when the user is "harvey". Links are also created for directories named this way, as long as they have at least one yadm managed file within them. Otherwise, the list will only include files from the current directory or below. This feature is disabled by default.


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